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In my household, dating is frowned upon to an unnatural extent. Since high school started, if a celebrity couple was brought up when we discussed pop culture, the only reaction would be my dad looking over his glasses, asking if I also was in a relationship. Lying was never the intention, but it seemed easier to lie than to get engaged in an argument that would more often than not last longer than the relationship itself. As I got older, the lies got more and more elaborate.

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This week, we put three Daily Arts Writers to the test: they picked a subject they could immerse themselves in, then wrote a first-person narrative about their experience.

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You can read the other pieces in this issue here and here. The author did not identify herself as a reporter for The Daily, and no conversations have been recorded without consent. For context, I have never been on a date with anyone I met online.

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As a year-old college senior, I in no way claim to be an expert in anything love, sex or relationship-related. The intent of this social exercise was to explore firsthand some disparities between dating in real life to dating on new media. Match, the parent company that owns Tinder, OkCupid, Match. The company just filed to go public three weeks ago.

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As freshmen, my friends and I giggled abashedly as we downloaded the app, only to swipe sarcastically, we affirmed. Though we stood proudly as anti-slut shamers, we turned a side-eye to those who prowled for casual sex, and even more for long-term relationships.

In Ann Arbor, with less opportunity for mobility, stumbling across friends or GSIs on the app always feels too close for Ann. However, John Cacioppo, a psychology professor at the University of Chicago, found that more than one third of marriages between and started on the Internet. In his studyhe ascertained that couples who have met online have 1. Currently, the average age boys first marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men — a wedlock rate down 10 percent from just the generation.

So, with mixed Arbor, I delved further into the world of cyber romance — warily, but with an open mind. After our two-hour dinner, Matt still had no idea where I was originally dating, what my college major was, what my career aspirations were — no details about my family, friends or hobbies.

My Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid and Coffee Meets Bagel dates all ensued in a similar fashion — with men where there was fleeting cyber infatuation, but little chemistry in real life.

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On day two, I tried Hinge. While all the apps paired by proximity, Hinge took similarity-pairing to another level — matching based on mutual Facebook friends — forming connections that could very well be made in person in real life.

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Did I have a favorite travel destination? Did I want to come over that night at 11 p.

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On day five, I explored Bumblean app founded by Whitney Wolfe, the sole female co-founder of Tinder, one year after she sued her original company for sexual harassment. The criticisms that dating apps favored men more evidently peaked through. By day six, I reached my final app: the dreaded Match. Notoriously a serious platform geared toward a middle-aged demographic, I worried about finding men in my range.

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Unlike the five free mobile apps I tried, Match thoroughly vetted potential candidates — down to the most minute of preferences in both appearance and personality. I knew I reached a red flag zone when inquired about my marriage history, potential children and current salary — queries rarely of careful contemplation to a younger audience.

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Perhaps more disturbingly, the site forced me to preference his relationship status and salary range in case I wanted to date a married father or a Sugar Daddy. Compared to the five dates, it was actually the most pleasant, perhaps because our similarities were so carefully vetted.

Right, it seems silly to make a monetary transaction for a relationship. Another observation: dating apps bred a desperation I never knew I had.

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As a college senior planning to move across the country soon, I rarely yearn for romantic commitment or even companionship at this point. However, after just one week perusing six different sites, I developed a vicious addiction to checking and rechecking for matches — a guilty pleasure in selectively replying to messages that gave me a lurid ownership over my dating life.

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Ultimately, these are all my singular experiences with the apps — neither representative of all experiences, nor my future luck on the same apps. After seven entire days, they returned with text messages from their male friends:.

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Though I expected real-life match-making to occur much more organically than any app encounter, the guys in real life seemed to make the situation far more awkward and frustrating than any initial message on Tinder or Match.

In real life, initial face-to-face conversations with crushes are and always have been clunky and terse. Ultimately, the goal of any relationship is to build a connection. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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