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I teach social sciences, most of my students are 10th graders. We have discussed the ificance of the U. What are major ideas that should be covered?

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The institution of beauty in modern America is undoubtedly affected by centuries of imperialismcolonialismrapewarslaverymarginalizationand repeated manipulation of the bodies of women of color.

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It is not isolated ; it is not unmoving. It is not biological.

Intimate relationships between races more common than thought

There exists no genetic predisposition of racial preference in dating. And scientific racism remains just that: scientific racism.

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Oh, and racist. Whites have shaped the existing social order and maintain a hefty concentration of wealth and resources. Hate to break it to you, but realizing where privilege lies is one of the first steps to combating oppression. Back to the main point: how can you say attractiveness is unaffected by an existing power structure that prioritizes the visibility of one race?

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Early in their development, children in the United States and all over the world are taught and learn that whiteness is a central tenet of beauty; it is to be coveted and revered. The attitudes surrounding the Doll Test — a study used in Brown vs.

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Board of Education exhibiting the deep-seeded racial prejudices in children — still prevail in dating preference. Through this study, we see whiteness is largely constructed and rooted around positive character attributes, and Blackness with the opposite. For white men to espouse rhetoric like "I am only interested in white women" is a pernicious and insidious act which perpetuates white toxic beauty standards and actively marginalizes women of color.

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These beauty ideals encourage and reinforce the marginalization and obscuration of a group of women you never took the chance to get to know, or understand. Further, it is intellectually lazy to ignore the fact that "what you like" and physical attraction is historicized and racialized as being in line with narrow white ideals of what it means to be an "acceptable" woman. Add to these, flowing hair, a more elegant symmetry of form, their own judgment in favour of the whites, declared by their preference of them, as uniformly as is the preference of the [orangutan] for the black women over those of his own species.

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The circumstance of Superior beauty, is thought worthy attention in the propagation of our horses, dogs, and other domestic animals; why not in that of man? This quote overtly claims white people i. These thoughts were espoused by a founding father, and are notably left out from historical texts and textbooks. His racism is inconspicuous within the mindset of modern America. A man who had four possibly five Black children.

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We know about Martha Jefferson — but have you heard of Sally Hemmings? Perhaps if Sally Hemmings would have been valued as a white woman was, and her beauty and worth was conceptualized in whiteness or, at least, held parity with the whiteness of Martha Jefferson Thomas Jefferson would be remembered for much more than a founding father — but a rapist, owner of slaves and serial abuser.

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And so white women should recognize their privilege. And men who defend their unabashed love and defense of only white women simply because they have been taught to reveals a manifestation of white supremacy within their understanding of the world around them.

Addendum to the white men

But let me be clear: I never condemned those who solely worship white women. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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To the white men who told me that they “prefer” white women

Addendum: to the white men; i. There is privilege in being white, and the proximity to whiteness in dating. You do you.

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But pink nipples are very pretty. Suggested articles U-M professors, Michigan public officials discuss roots of anti-Asian racism, but suggestions for what to do in the face of hate fall short The Instagram face and its implications Contextualizing violence against Asian Americans. Leave a comment.