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This photograph was published in the Oregon Journal on November 25, Kennedy, who had been assassinated three days earlier. Nichiren Buddhism is a school of Japanese Buddhism that is based on the teachings of Nichiren, a monk who lived in Japan during the thirteenth century. The caption that accompanied the photograph above mentions that the service held for President Kennedy centered on this sutra. Buddhism came to Oregon in the nineteenth century with the first immigrants from China and Japan.

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Last Monday, US actress Allison Mack pleaded guilty to charges linked to an alleged sex trafficking operation in the suspected cult Nxivm. Pronounced 'nexium', the group started as a self-help programme but its leader is accused of overseeing a "slave and master" system within it. Prosecutors also allege members had to pay thousands of dollars for courses to rise within its ranks. But what le people to such groups?

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And how do they reintegrate into service once they leave? You may find some of the buddhist below distressing. I was a dancer until a meditation seminar turned my life upside down. From the outside looking in it looked like the perfect life. I grew up in Florida and on a boat in the Bahamas with my parents and twin brother, but I always felt empty inside and sad.

I didn't really fit Portland. Most of my family died before I was 15 and then my father died. I was always seeking for what happens after we die, why are we here? When I was 33, I wandered into a tantric Buddhist meditation seminar and I sat down to meditate. I was expecting an older woman with long grey hair, a white robe and spa music. Instead it was a young woman and what looked like an Armani business suit and stiletto heels.

She put on techno music and she said "let's meditate" and put on her sunglasses. I closed my eyes to meditate and had this incredible experience. Everything goes white and there's so much peace. I realised this was what I had been searching for Oregon entire life. I thought: "I don't care who this woman is, I don't care what she says, I'm home. It took a while but now I realise it's like any toxic relationship. If you go on a first date and somebody hits you, you don't go on a second date. But they start with the romance, they seduce you, lure you in and that's what they did.

Then what happens is they start giving you so many tasks that so much of your time is consumed dating the group that you start distancing yourself from friends, family and activities you loved. Without realising it, my support structure started to disappear and the groupthink started to set in. Then, after the two-year mark, they started introducing self-doubt.

They would say you're evolving into this enlightened version of yourself.

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Everything from the old you no longer applies. They'd say it's just like an alcoholic. Once an alcoholic gets clean they can't really hang out with their old drinking buddies at the old bars. The more money we made, the more money we paid.

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They'd justify it by saying everything is energy, including money. The more money you spend and give to the teachers the more empowerment you'd get. It was all abusive, my whole life was theirs. Then the guru seduced me as a consort, where a spiritual teacher takes his student as a lover. He slowly but surely started criticising me.

Nothing I did was good enough. With cults, like any abusive relationship, the red flags are there all along and denial is such a powerful thing. The teachers would say: "Your ego is so big you don't want to change" and I would explain I did want to change and become enlightened, not even really understanding what enlightened meant.

Eventually everything came crashing down. I was at rock bottom and then had a near-death experience snowboarding and after that I started to hear clearly but didn't want to admit it to myself. Almost seven years after I ed, I allowed myself to realise.

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It was really hard at first. Instead, I fell apart even more and pretty much couldn't leave the house. I was suicidal, barely eating, sleeping all day for six months. Then joy started coming back into my life. It really took me five years, only recently in October, to feel like I was reintegrating. I was held captive by a guru in India. I was doing my PhD in consciousness and spirituality.

I went to a talk and there was a Hindu monk talking very eloquently about consciousness and the mind so I started training with him. Before I knew it I was completely hooked. Then he said: "I can't teach you any more, you need to go to my guru in India who's absolutely enlightened.

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This is your chance. The reason I was vulnerable was that my own childhood had made me long for a family where I actually felt that I mattered and this was very much sold to me.

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I was aware that I wanted to get rid of the pain I was carrying emotionally. After three days at the ashram in India, I'd eaten lunch and I remember slowly, slowly trying to hang onto the wall and my fingernails scratching the wall, slipping down and losing consciousness.

The next thing I knew I was in the room they had given me and he was on top of me. I didn't get out of that room for three months.

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The thing that confused me when I came home is that I couldn't explain to people what had happened. He'd be on top of me, I'd freeze, disassociate, and an hour or two later I'd be sitting there thinking: "This is not what I came here for, I thought he was supposed to have my best interests at heart. Then he'd accuse you of not behaving properly.

You wouldn't believe the mind tricks they play. He'd say: "It's because of your Catholic upbringing that you don't like this.

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That was Autumn Eventually I realised I was probably going to go mad and die there if I didn't think of a really good plan. My first attempt to escape didn't work and it made things worse, so I pretended to him that I thought it was wonderful that I was there. I said: "Look, you want the monk from England to come over and your second favourite, NV Raghuram from Bangalore, and we can all celebrate that I'm your consort and how wonderful this is. Eventually these two came and I explained to the English monk what was happening. I also said: "I've lost lo of weight, I'm ill, I'm sure my mind is beginning to go and I need help.

I thought at that moment: maybe I have got it all wrong.

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I had to say: "Look, I'll be in the bathroom at this time if you'll come and talk to me. He got me out of there and he looked after me. He told me about the girl it had happened to before had been the same age I was. She'd gone insane and been put in a mental hospital. Her brother who had walked in on it had hung himself. What people don't understand is when you sit in front of a man or woman with all the pomp and all the incense That very pure open feeling is actually all your own doing but you think this guru has done something to you.

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If you are emotionally secure with a secure childhood where you felt like a cherished and important person and that your feelings were genuine, I think you wouldn't be so easily hooked. The Cult Information Centre, a UK-based charity that gives advice to cult members, their family and friends, offers 22 "do's and don'ts" to people who want to help a loved-one.

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For more information, read here. I thought he was God. I had warring parents growing up, so it wasn't that secure.

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I became very afraid of ghosts and things like that because my older brother and sister had said they'd seen ghosts. I was the younger one and had become very frightened. I later started to check out who was speaking about 'spiritual matters' in London and that's how I came across the person who sucked me into his horrors.

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He was advertising himself as an American-Indian shaman. I was just being curious, I thought. I went along to the first meeting and was fascinated because I imagined this old grey man in a beard, full of wisdom, coming to the stage.

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But it was a young guy, American, long hair, hippie-type and the message was peace and love. It was amazing. I spent two to three months just on the back benches.

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Then I got a bit bolder and asked him about a friend I was concerned about. This was the first time I'd had proper eye contact with him and I could feel myself just melting with these great big eyes full of compassion. He said: "Don't worry about her, she's fine. You're the one who can really help me a lot.