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There are many infertility options available to you, including some that will preserve your genetic connection to your child. Usually, the first infertility treatment that couples undergo is fertility medication.

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I hope to see you there soon! Hugs, Jody x. Mine are all getting into that zone of getting into relationships. It just seems so unfair and unbalanced that they have a relationship when I do not. I know one day one of them will get engaged or married or have a baby.

What are your infertility options today?

Like envy, which is perfectly normal but hard to experience. I am 34 years old. I have been trying to conceive for the past couple of years after finally convincing my husband we should try. I have been trying to overcome them. My husband, who has medical and psychological issues, freaked out about the real possibility of having kids. He could not do his part for the procedure and now says he is not willing or able to try any longer.

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He is so certain about this that he said I should leave him if I need to have children. We have been together 13 years, I love him and fear losing my marriage on top of not having. I feel stuck and miserable.

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My younger sister has a baby and is constantly posting about her love for this child. My parents are so taken with their first grandchild- they consider her a gift. It makes me sad for myself — it is salt in my wounds. Not because of them, but because of my whole situation, I feel like a loser.

I desperately wanted to feel life growing inside me and have a pure, unconditionally loving relationship in my life. Now, I have nothing and am drifting further and further away from the few people in my life. With hugs and understanding, Jody x. Thank you so much for this reply, Jody.

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It feels like a relief to be heard. I am going to look into the resources you suggested. Xo Angie. I suffered POF premature ovarian failure when I was I got married at 39 and myself and hubby looked into adoption, and then decided to try frozen embryo transfer. Thanks for listening.

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You might find that ing our private online communitywhich is safe space to discuss such things, would really take a load off your mind? Thank you Jody for the support. The minute I read the introduction of your book yesterday, my mind calmed. Looking forward to dialoguing online with people. I would love to attend the webinar. Thank you so much, what a wonderful community. Absolutely brilliant book Jody. It helped me so much, it was like a light switch clicking on. What a relief to be able to access the weird churning grief I felt and to now seek support from a place of self understanding and self respect.

Thank you xx.

Dear L. Dear I — the best way to have private conversations with other women who totally get it, is to our private online community. Ambivalence is a big topic! A great friend, pretty much non biological childfree had a birthday dinner in her hometown tonight that i attended. God needs to hurry and take me also already smh. I got married to for the first time at the age of Eventually, I felt ignored for his computer and did not Naperville both myself and having to fight for his attention with a machine, so I broached the idea of not having kids. A few years later we got a divorce.

It was much like the disillusion of a business. I met a man online and was in an abusive relationship for a little over a year. We actually tried to have. But with the emotional, verbal and psychological abuses I endured, I am glad that never happened. Now I am 38, married to a wonderful man who is He has a son who is dating I only came into his life when he was I am a stepmom I suppose, but I have been fairly peripheral to his life. I am back in college working towards a nursing degree.

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This will be my 2nd AA. I have one now childfree Veterinary Technology. My husband and I have only been married a year, and despite our ages, I am asked frequently when we are having kids. My mom is on a fixed income and is a widow.

I never had a Naperville of friends in my home town…being an introverted, horse-loving, nerdy bookworm. I moved back after being gone for almost 20 years. Most of the people I knew had kids, moved away or both. You are not alone KC. When your conscious mind reaches the end of its rationalisations trying to convince you about dating good your life is without children, and your deep dark corner of emotion rears its head, remember there are more of us going through the same thing, daily. I am new to this website today and my journey realising I would never be a mother began 3 months ago.

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I am now 55 years old and will never be a mum. My husband and I had 3 failed IVF attempts, then got pregnant naturally which miscarried, childfree was all around 10 years ago. My feelings change and, at this moment, I feel anger!! Unfortunately, time and keeping busy passing time does not heal grief — Naperville grieving heals grief.

We have women from all over the world who meet via our private online community and through dating you can find out more about our online events and courses — we have women taking part from Australia so the Isle of Wight is definitely not too far! I suggest that you start with the online community and also make sure to up to my once-a-month newsletter where I share about the upcoming events, talks, courses, workshops etc.

I am 46 years old and have tried everything to be a parent.

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The latest thing we have tried which has take. The last 2 years is to become foster parents. Everything bad — well he jumps in head first! And this delay has set my husband back even further. It was my last chance at being a mom even if it was just for a short time.

I figured God put me here because Seth would be rob me of my only dream to become a mom.

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How am I supposed to move forward and find happiness again? I feel like I will never smile again. This is all on the tail of losing my mother to a sudden heart attack. And a month after that — a miscarriage. A smile is a thing of the past for me.

I have an older sister who just turned 36 and a younger sister who will be 32 this year. Neither of them has ever been in a romantic or sexual relationship of any sort for their whole adult lives. Is it my place to remind them of something they are probably already thinking about?

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Or should I ask them if they are thinking about it? Is it helpful for me to dating this to them or just mind my own business? Or more empowered? Or is it just worse to say it out loud? The thought of them reaching an age where being involuntarily childless drops on them like a childfree is just too sad for words.

Hi, I have also found this site via my Ivf councellor recommendation at my lowest point, going to my GP this afternoon to ask for some anti depressants to help lift the load. Is your book available to buy? My book is indeed available to buy in bookshops and online although not all bookshops will stock it. You can also ask your local library to stock it, which can be a nice way for another woman to find it when she needs it too.

You might also like to our private online community so that you feel less alone with this huge and unchosen future that might feel rather daunting right now. Hello, I have found this site at Naperville darkest moment.

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I am 36, my life has been really challenging with my mental issues and constant bad things happening all the time, when I start to feel better. I loved someone I was in a long distance relationship with, but when it ended due to my instability, I went into such a crazy phase for years.