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It was a chilly mid-December night and a group of my friends and I decided to go trash bar hopping. What I mean by trash bar hopping is that we had decided to hit as many gay bars off the main drag as we could before the night ended. The last stop of the night was a bar called the Trestle. All I knew about this place was that it contained a back room, and at the time I personally thought that places such as that were nothing more than a gay urban legend of something only from the past. At the time I was 23yo, green eyes, dark blonde hair, and had a slim athletic build. If you had to categorize me I would be a twink.

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Posted Wed 13th of December Report. Introduction: Brandon and Mary are Unit Supervisors at a major food company. Both highly regarded by their upper's.

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Mary though is regarded by many as the Ice Princess. Somehow, Brandon debunks that notion about her, and their lives change in so many ways.

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I was 36 when this took place a few years back. At the time I was married. Like any married couple, we had our good times and bad. We lived outside of Pittsburgh at the time. I work for a food production company.

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Had been there most of my adult life. I manage one division there. My wife, at the time, worked as an executive secretary for a Real Estate firm. At the time of when this story took place, we were in one of those down times.

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She was on the go all the time, and took many business trips with her boss. I know that they were having sex. You can just tell these things. One night she came home from a supposed dinner they had to attend. I was horny that evening. And when we did, it was over in short time. My then wife was 4 years my senior, and still had a pretty good body for being She always kept it neatly trimmed, but for the last year, she went with just a landing strip.

When she got home, I was already in bed, but awake. She went to the bathroom for a few minutes, then came out and crawled in bed, naked, which is how we always slept. I said hi to her when she got in.

I think I startled her when I said hi. She apologized for waking me, but I told her I was awake, in more ways than one. I took her hand and guided it to my cock, and when she felt it, she let out a sigh. You want some? I am tired. She had also been drinking, because I could smell it on her breath. Then I started to kiss down her belly, when she stopped me. She generally never says things like that in bed, unless she is super horny or drunk. So I got between her legs.

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I rubbed her pussy, to start getting her wet. But she was already wet. So were her thighs. So I just pushed myself into her. The feeling was different though. She is usually tight. Now I am not porn star gifted, but I am a bit over average at 7 inches, and fairly thick.

But that night she was loose and really wet. I knew then she had already been fucked. I had my suspicions of this, but now this confirmed it. Just bang her and cum and be done with it. We can fight another time about this. I did fuck her hard too, and she pretty much laid there. She moaned once in awhile, not her usual. And I know she faked an orgasm, because when she does, her pussy clamps down and gets super warm when she does.

After I shot off in her, I rolled off and went to sleep. I was angry, and hurt, but did not let her know. It was f the last time we ever had sex. Chapter 2 About a month later, I had to go out of town to a food show in Dallas. I really hate going to these things. But this time, I was slated to go with another division manager, Mary, the Ice Princess, as she was dubbed by everyone. She hardly ever talked to anyone, but was also a fair, but tough boss that expected from her crews, but also acted like she was pissed off about something.

Except that she was married, with 2 kids and that she was She always dressed conservatively, and was highly thought of by the upper management.

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Her division always made their quotas, as did mine. But, if single, I'd definitely wouldn't mind being with her.

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Just check her attitude at the door. We were to leave early Monday morning and be down there until Friday afternoon. I wanted to take my golf clubs, but having her along meant I had to go to all the events this show had scheduled.

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From what I heard around the facility, she was big on rules. This was going to be no fun at all. Now Mary is attractive, but not stunning.

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She is a bit chunky too, but carries it well. If she has a tummy roll, it is well concealed by her clothes. Her mom is Mexican and her dad Italian.

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Now I am not a bad looking guy, some say handsome. I do have a slight gut from chugging way too many beers and not enough exercise. The flight down was pleasant, since she sat 3 rows in front of me. When we waited at the airport, she wanted to go over the itinerary for the coming week. On that flight, I was trying to think up ways to break free from her for at least one day, but hopefully more.

The cab ride to the hotel was quiet this time, which I was thankful for.

By the time we checked in, it was almost 1pm and I was famished. I asked her if she wanted to do lunch, but she said no. We both were on the same floor. I was shocked that we had rooms next to each other. I knew this marriage was heading to one place, and one place only, divorce. So after hanging up my clothes and putting other stuff in drawers, I went downstairs to the restaurant in the hotel.

I knew later there was to be a meet and greet function that I would have to attend with Mary. At the meet and greet, I noticed Mary drink some sort of cocktail. Again she dressed conservatively, with tan pants and a white blouse.

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Although it did show off a little of her olive complexion breast. We did make small talk for once.

Not all business related. After meeting with a few reps, from various companies, I suggested dinner. We asked around about restaurants nearby and were pointed to a nice Italian t a few blocks away.