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Marching to the beat of native drums as the smoke from sage smudge sticks drifts through the air, members of the South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People converge on a concrete medicine wheel on Ennis-Joslin Road. They gather in Corpus Christi to bless a sacred burial ground at least 2, years old. Larry Running Turtle Salazar sprinkles tobacco, cedar and sweet grass over the area, chanting, praying and singing. It is his way of paying penance to the people who were dug up from this land in the last century to make way for housing and ro.

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By Suzanne Freeman.

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It is the second-largest Indian burial ground in the state of Texas. The bones and artifacts of hundreds of Native Americans, some thousands of years old, were discovered there inunearthed by a hurricane. The first official dig was not conducted until the s as the Texas Department of Transportation successfully kept the initial find quiet.

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Inarcheologists hired to excavate during a road improvement project found the bones of a year-old girl believed to be years old. The word of this find was also kept under wraps until a reporter got wind of it and notified a local Native American activist. I went back at midnight and was right there by the park singing my songs and praying, and the voices of the winds came in.

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I apologized for what was going on. Salazar and members of the South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People hold a funeral procession in the area every March since that year. They use smudge sticks and herbs to bless the sacred ground.

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An expert on area Native American tribes, Robert Ricklis was an architect at the site in the s. According to his research, the tribe died out in the s, meaning most of the bodies unearthed at 41NU2 are too old to be Karankawa.

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Most of the unearthed bones found at the site are now at the University of Texas at Austin, perhaps all that is left of a prehistoric people who once were the main residents of the Coastal Bend. The Karankawa and other Native Americans were doomed, according to both Ricklis and Salazar, when the Spanish colonial system collapsed in the s. Salazar, who is of Tsalagi and Apache descent, tells how the few Native Americans left cut their hair and adopted Hispanic names to pass as Mexican, which is where he gets his last name.

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They became Mexicano to stay alive. Both also agree on something else important about the Karankawas: They were not cannibals as often reported. The Karankawa economy was based on hunting, gathering, and fishing.

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The tribes were family-oriented and welcoming to outsiders. A medicine wheel has been installed at Hans and Pat Suter Park along with temporary information markers Salazar hopes will take a more permanent form soon.

The March to Ishka monument was deed by the late artist Dave McGarya world-renowned bronze sculptor. The statue of a Native American in full head dress pointing to the east incorporates color and texture in the work.

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If not in this lifetime, the next. Direct donations may be made by mailing checks to Yale St. A wildlife refuge popular for bird-watching, it has biking and hiking trails and a picnic area. It is free and open 24 hours a day. Find more articles like this in Vacation News.

Spirits of the karankawa kept alive by corpus christi ritual

Browse Vacation News for more articles like this. Find the Spirit of the Karankawa in Suter Park. Salazar holds a hat with the logo for the Ishka Monument he hopes to someday see installed at the park.

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Photo by Chris deLong. By Suzanne Freeman February 01, View Comments.

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There are 2 comments. The war cries started after i offered tobacco and while i dropping cedar. Leroy Pena — November 18, pm I have a video that i recorded last year where you can clearly hear Apache War Cries. Space out at Science of the Force in Corpus Christi.

Find the spirit of the karankawa in suter park

Exhibitions of expression at Rockport Center, K Space. Flatten your sandcastles to protect turtles, people.

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