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Current interpreters of L. As Montgomery well knew, from the s through the s, to engage with Indigeneity in Canadian literature was to engage in some way with Pauline Johnson. While Montgomery quoted Johnson on several additional occasions and the two women were both Canadian literary celebrities at the beginning of the twentieth century, they crossed paths more often in print than in real life, publishing their work in many of the same major Canadian and American periodicals. Montgomery was likely aware of these pieces, given the wide circulation of periodicals from central Canada into the Maritimes and her addiction to reading.

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The publication of Anne of Green Gables in launched the literary career of Lucy Maud Montgomery, and her works are still read and loved around the world today.

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Celebrate years of Anne Shirley by checking out these 75 facts you might not know about Anne and the great writer who created her. Anne of Green Gables was her first novel, written in The book was rejected by every publisher Montgomery sent it to, so she stored it away in a hat box. InMontgomery re-read the Anne of Green Gables manuscript and decided to send it out again.

It was accepted by the Company of Boston. Anne of Green Gables was an immediate success, selling 19, copies in its first five months.

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Much like Anne, Montgomery grew up with a deep love for nature. When she was nine years old, Montgomery wrote a poem about her favourite tree, a birch that she referred to as "The Monarch of the Forest. Montgomery was named after her grandmother and one of Queen Victoria's daughters. Montgomery's mother died of tuberculosis when she was nearly two, and her father would later move to Saskatchewan and remarry.

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Montgomery once wrote that her earliest memory was seeing her mother in her coffin: "I did not feel any sorrow, for I knew nothing of what it all meant. I was only vaguely troubled.

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Why was Mother so still? And why was Father crying? I reached down and laid my baby hand against Mother's cheek. Nineteen of Montgomery's 20 novels are set in P. The Blue Castle is set in Ontario, specifically Muskoka: "Muskoka is the only place I've ever been in that it could be my Island's rival in my heart.

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So I wanted to write a story about it. Montgomery had two imaginary friends growing up, who lived in a "fairy room" behind a bookcase in her grandparents' sitting room. Maud saw her reflection in the bookcase's glass doors — the left reflection was named Katie Maurice and the right was Lucy Gray.

Montgomery finished a two-year teaching degree in one year, graduating with honours from Prince of Wales College.

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She taught at three rural schools in P. The Blue Castlea bestseller and one of Montgomery's few adult novels, was banned by some libraries for featuring an unwed mother and undressing religious hypocrisy. AsMontgomery was teased by a friend of her grandfather's who called her "Johnny. While researching Montgomery's life, Fishbane discovered: "Anyone who is anyone knows that L.

Another fascinating tidbit from Fishbane: "Montgomery and her first boyfriend, Nate Lockhart said to be part of the inspiration for Gilbert Blytheused to pass letters to one another during school. While these letters have disappeared she most likely burned themshe DID keep the first letter, immortalizing it in red ink in her journal.

Montgomery married Reverend Ewan Macdonald in July ofafter a secret five-year engagement. After getting married, Montgomery moved to Ontario with her husband, living in Leaskdale, Norval and Toronto.

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The star of the film adaptation Anne of Green Gablesactress Dawn Evelyeen Paris, ended up using Anne Shirley as her stage name for the rest of her career. Montgomery kept a detailed diary throughout her lifein which she chronicled the horrors of the First World War, her grief over losing a son, and her appreciation for the beauty of nature.

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Montgomery wrote over short stories, 20 novels and two poetry collections. Montgomery was devoted to Prince Edward Island.

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She once wrote, "We Prince Edward Islanders are a loyal race. In our secret soul we believe that there is no place like the little Province that gave us birth Prince Edward Island, however, is really a beautiful Province — the most beautiful place in America, I believe.

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Readers gave Montgomery grief over the death of Matthew Cuthbert. Montgomery confessed that she regretted writing it and would give Matthew more years if she rewrote it.

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Mindy Kaling date a self-professed Anne of Green Gables fan, and said it's one of her favourite books in an interview with the L. Anne is extremely popular in Japan, thanks to translator Hanako Muraoka. She worked on translating the book during the Second World War, but did so secretly as English was considered the "language of the enemy. After the publication of Anne of Green GablesMontgomery date a celebrity and popular subject of gossip.

In her Emily of New Moon series, fear of gossip is a running theme. Montgomery had three sons : Chester who was born in ; Stuart, who was born Montgomery ; and Hugh, who was stillborn in Montgomery's body of work has been reproduced in more than 30 languages. The first Anne of Green Gables translation was into Swedish. It was published in On the th anniversary of the publication of Anne of Green GablesMontgomery's granddaughter Kate Macdonald Butler wrote an essay in the Globe and Mail revealing that Montgomery's family believed that she had died by suicide.

Macdonald Butler said she decided girl share the family secret to help reduce the stigma on mental health issues. Montgomery suffered from depression throughout her life. Her husband also suffered from depression throughout their marriage. Montgomery's son, Dr. Stuart Macdonald, found a piece of paper on her bedside table. A section of it said: "May God forgive me and I hope everyone else will forgive me even if they cannot understand. My position is too awful to endure and nobody realizes it. In her biography Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of WingsMontgomery scholar Mary Henley Montgomery writes that the author was in great psychological pain in her final days and had developed a dependency on barbiturates.

Girl, Henley Rubio believes the may not have been a native note. Instead, it may have been the final of a drafted entry for her volume "lifebook" — a series of journals she maintained throughout her life. The was dated two days before her death and ed Her obituary in the New York Times stated that the manuscript had been delivered to her publisher the day before her death. On her second native of school, Montgomery was jeered at by her fellow students for forgetting to take her hat off when she came into the classroom.

The humiliation left her "a crushed morsel of humanity. InL. Montgomery was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. She recorded the honour in her journal.

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Montgomery, we would have been bosom friends. After her contract with L. This resulted in a decade of legal battles between Lewis and Montgomery, costing the author a small fortune. She and her husband, Prince Native, met with actors of the musical that was running in Charlottetown during their girl to Canada in From Melanie Fishbane: "On one sunny summer afternoon during a church picnic, Montgomery's second boyfriend, Will Pritchard also an inspiration for Gilbert Blythe carved their initials in a tree near a place called Maiden Lake.

Sadly, the tree and the lake most likely a big slough are no longer there. The Cavendish schoolhouse Montgomery attended was situated near a beautiful grove, which Montgomery referred to as "a date realm of beauty and romance to my childish imagination It was a stronger and better educative influence in my life than the lessons learned at the desk in the school-house. When Montgomery's American publisher wrote that there wasn't enough "American experience" in her novel Rilla of InglesideMontgomery tersely responded that she "wrote of Canada at war — not of the U.

From Melanie Fishbane: "Montgomery was a teen writer. She wrote on Dec. I was Montgomery delighted to speak. There is a newsletter, published by the L. Montgomery literary society sincecalled The Shining Scroll, about Montgomery's life and works.

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Anne of Green Gables was made into a silent film in The film was destroyed but old movie stills survive. About the film, Montgomery wrote in her diary that the actress who played Anne "is very dainty, very pretty and utterly unlike my gingerly Anne. Montgomery attended Dalhousie University for one yearstudying English and paying her way through with teaching jobs in rural schoolhouses. In adolescence, Montgomery was insatiable reader.

Montgomery would often write under pen names such as "Joyce Cavendish" so her family and friends wouldn't connect her to the writing. She chose L. Montgomery so readers couldn't tell what gender she was. Celebrate years of Anne Shirley by checking out these surprising facts. Social Sharing. The great Canadian reading list: books to read for Canada 1.