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This outlines methods to help students prepare to attend classes and complete schoolwork remotely. Each link will take you to resources to help you get set up with the tools your instructors may use and other activities you can undertake on your own to be prepared. Information and resources listed here will continue to be updated as the campus works to provide additional tools, resources, and strategies. Last update: July 1, am.

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How do I obtain answers to questions regarding my tax bill? Contact our Property Tax Section atand they will be glad to help you with whatever questions you may have. For W'2s prior to Please include your name used as it was at the time the W-2 was originally issued, your social securitythe year of the W-2 that you are requesting, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Please this request. You can also request a copy by phone. Please call ext and provide the same information as stated above.

Please contact the department from which you terminated employment with the county. Provide them the same information as listed above. Probate is started when someone — the named executor, next—of—kin, or the Public Administrator — files a petition to open a probate proceeding with the Superior Court. The Court will set a hearing on the petition and determine who should be appointed to administer the estate. Letters of Administration are issued by the Court and constitute legal authority for the appointed Personal Representative or Administrator to take over all aspects of the decedent's estate.

The Personal Representative or Administrator will arrange for dating funeral, if not already arranged, and must marshal collect for safekeeping and evaluate value as of the decedent's date of death all assets, debts and other interests of the decedent.

The Personal Representative or Administrator evaluates claims against the estate, pays taxes and expenses as needed, sells assets as needed, determines who is entitled to the remaining estate, if any, and concludes all tips affecting the estate. The Personal Representative or Administrator will prepare a man ing of all actions taken to settle the estate, and file it with the Court. A copy of the final ing is mailed to all interested persons. The Court will hold a hearing on the handling of the estate and review the final ing.

Once approved, the Personal Representative or Administrator is discharged and the probate proceeding is concluded. The Public Administrator is a County official, established by State law. California became a State when gold was found at Sutter's Mill in After the office of Sheriff was established into maintain law and order, and a very cold winter struck inmany people died. To take protective possession of the property left behind by deceased miners and other transient residents from out of state, the office of the Public Administrator was established for each County in The Public Administrator has the legal authority to take protective custody of property of a decedent, and to investigate the decedent's assets and obligations, family and Merced interested persons, and related information.

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The Public Administrator may open probate for the decedent's estate, or refer the estate to the appropriate person s for administration. The California Probate Code provides for statutory fees for executors, administrators and their attorneys. The Public Administrator and attorneys for the Public Administrator are entitled to the same compensation.

Statutory fees are based on the value of the estate. In addition to statutory fees the Court, upon request, will award extraordinary fees for such extra work as selling real and personal property, petitioning for determination of heirship, litigation to collect assets, and defending actions against the estate and other similar matters. All fees must be approved by the Probate Court, in the ing.

A summary probate proceeding is considerably more economical and efficient than a formal probate proceeding. At the time of the original investigation, the Deputy Public Administrator looks for all le which may indicate assets of the decedent. These le are followed up in due course, and the assets collected and usually liquidated, during the administration of the estate.

Unless someone has deliberately hidden assets, all assets are usually located before the close of the administration. A Deputy Public Administrator will work with the family to make the necessary funeral arrangements, either at the family's request or in the absence of family. Arrangements will be made commensurate with any pre-need plans of the decedent or the ability of the estate to pay. All deceased persons will be afforded a dignified burial when possible.

If you paid the debts of the decedent or incurred charges directly connected with the decedent's death or paid part of the funeral expenses, immediately notify the administrator. You may be a creditor of the estate. Creditors must file a Creditor's Claim with documents supporting the claim within four 4 months after the appointment of the estate's personal representative or administrator.

Creditor Claim forms may be obtained from the Court, at any legal bookstore, from the California Judicial Council onlineor by mail from the Public Administrator. Funeral expenses are a priority claim and are paid when sufficient estate funds are available. If a funeral director or mortuary is contacting family members or heirs for payment, they should be referred to the personal representative or administrator.

The estate may reimburse reasonable funeral expenses. Federal estate taxes will be paid from the estate at the rate and estate exclusion that apply to the year of death. There are no inheritance taxes in California.

A complete ing will be filed with the Court and provided to all interested parties prior to the final distribution of the estate. This Final is set for a hearing and interested parties are notified. Prior to the filing of the Finalindications regarding the value of the estate or an heir's share of the estate are estimates only.

The primary function of the Public Administrator is to administer estates. Estate administration involves collecting assets, paying debts, locating heirs, creditors and other interested parties, as well as seeking instructions from and complying with Court orders.

At the conclusion of the administration the Final ing is prepared and the residual estate, if any, is distributed. The Public Administrator also provides notice to creditors, heirs or legatees, and other interested parties, and responds to all requests for information regarding the progress of an estate's administration, as promptly as possible. The Public Administrator endeavors to complete investigations and petition for appointment as quickly as possible.

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The timeline for administration varies greatly depending on the complexity of the estate. Personal property furniture, jewelry, art, etc. Generally, most heirs desire a liquidation of the estate, to receive a cash distribution. The Public Administrator works with known heirs to determine the desired disposition of property, when there are sufficient proceeds to pay debts and costs. Some items may be distributed in-kind to heirs.

The value of the items is then deducted from the receiving heir's share.

Heirs may attend auctions and purchase any items from the estate. In the event the estate has sufficient cash to satisfy estate debts and costs and an heir desires to retain the real property, the heir should speak directly with the Public Administrator's staff to formalize an agreement. All sales are governed by the California Probate Code.

All probate assets are appraised by a Court appointed appraiser.

All real property is sold at auction or by private sale after notice of sale and subject to confirmation by the Court. With formal probates, a copy of the Final will be mailed to the creditors, heirs or legatees, and other interested parties when filed for Court hearing and approval. For the Public Administrator's summary proceedings, a copy of the Final will be provided upon request. A guardian or conservator is a person or organization that is appointed by the court to arrange for the personal care or finances, or both for someone who has been found by the court to be unable to do so the conservatee.

The court can appoint a conservator of the person only, the estate only, or both person and estate. It is the policy of the Public Conservator to serve as conservator of both the person and estate. The following is a brief summary of a conservator's duties. There are several types of conservatorships. For each type a conservator can be appointed for the person, for the estate, or both.

The Superior Court determines whether a conservatorship should be established.

The court process includes petitioning the court, notifying the proposed conservatee and his or her family of proceedings, identifying the resources of the proposed conservatee and stating the reason a conservatorship is needed. The court will establish a conservatorship only if it is determined that the person requires it and that the petitioner can fulfill the responsibilities as a conservator. A public conservator has all the same duties and responsibilities. The public conservator must answer to the court and obtain the same court approvals for decisions made on behalf of the conservatee.

Merced inOrdinance established the salary for members of the Merced County Board of Supervisors. Wages for Board members are set at Ordinance keeps Board member salaries in line with neighboring man while removing the need for the Board to vote on its own salary increases when the cost of living goes up. Board members do not receive additional expense allowances.

To open a case in California, fill out the Online Application or visit your local Child Support agency. If you have an open case with a local child support agency and do not dating through wage withholding, you have several options:. Child support generally continues until the minor child emancipates or until otherwise noted in the child support order. However, the current support obligation may continue until the child is 19, if the child is unmarried and attending high school full-time.

A court may order current child support to continue after the child emancipates because of special circumstances. If there are arrears past due support owed on the child support case, the local child support agency may continue to enforce collection of the arrears until the case is paid in full, including any interest that may have built up.

The CalWORKs office must send us a referral to open a case to establish paternity, child support and health insurance for the children receiving the benefits. When you are approved for these benefits, your rights to child support are ased to the county for the time period you and the children tips aid.

The child support collected while your family receives aid is used to reimburse the money paid to your family by the county, pursuant to State and Federal Law. Does the father's name on the Birth Certificate establish paternity? The Birth Certificate does not establish paternity. It is only an acknowledgement. If a parent was to die, the Birth Certificate does not guarantee benefits will be awarded.