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The premiers statement came after the Egyptian council of mln Inters In a special sesMon bad de dared that the ' mufti, who has successfully found a haven In the Kile kingdom, was a political refugee ' and therefore could not under the law of the nation be handed ever to any country. A communique Issued by Sidky Pasha said the government's decision to let the mufti stay was "inspired only by the duty of courtesy toward a great Arab chief. This Is not the time nor the place to recall political mistakes said to have been made by the mufti some time ago," the Egyptian pre m!

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A certificate saying that no further prosecution was proposed in the death was prepared by Dist. Pa-quet, whose Criminal Session is in charge of the impounded pap ers. The court turned down a bid by a court stenographer who claimed he a'lone had the right to make copies and sell the in quest record.

Miss Kopechne died in an automobile accident last summer in Sen. Edward Shreveport. Kennedy's car. The high court also ordered the clerk of Suffolk Superior Court to proceed egyptian his plan to release the record sometime next week. The action came one day after a temporary halt to release the Supreme Court had ordered plans on a motion by Man R.

Lipman, a professional court reporter. Lipman claimed he should He reported the accident about 10 hours after it occured. Sudduth of Lake Charles left and State Sen. Jackson B. Sudduth criticized police juries and Davis called for constitutional revision. Times Photos by Terry R. Egypt said the United States must share the blame for an attack against a primary school in the Nile Delta in which Cairo said one adult also was killed and 50 others 36 children; 10 adults, and four military men-were dating. Military experts said the minute attack Thursday against installations along the central and southern sectors, of the canal underlined Israel's determination to continue air strikes regardless of Egypt's accusa tions that civilian targets are being hit.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan said Wednesday that the egyptians had only themselves to blame if divilians were killed. He said reconnaissance photographs showed the planes that attacked El Salhiya, 20 miles, west of the canal, hit an Egyptian Army base. Dayan said that if there were casualties among school children in the bombing "then it can only be assumed the Egyptians established a school or kept children in a part of the military installation, in several of its rooms or in one of its floors, and in so doing imposed on themselves a serious responsibility.

Cairo to the hospital at Husseinia to confirm the casualties in the Wednesday attack. He said the victims were aged from 8 to But Wilkinson said correspondents were taken' to visit the bombed-out school in a nearby Village. An Israeli army spokesman said Egypt's refusal to permit newsmen to go to Bahr El Bakar showed - "clearly the target is a military-base, as we said. Israel one 3 and the othe 5, were killed and two Arab civilians were wounded in two separate terrorist hand grenade- attacks in the occupied. Gaza strip.

Photo: egyptian mausoleum

Reports reaching Beirut, meantime, said Iraq had sent additional troops into Jordan to strengthen the Arab eaastern front against. Iraq already has about 12, troops in Nrothern Jordan and another f1 in Syria. Rates for subscriptions outside.

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Timmons is located at National Press Building. Washington, D. The Shreveport Times is an independent newspaper. It prints the news impartially. It supports what it believes to be right. It opposes whit it believes to be wrong, with-out regard to party politics. The Shreveport Times welcomes. The Times is not responsible for returning manuscripts. The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for reproduction of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein.

The Branham-Moloney, Inc. Sudduth of Lake Charles, president of the Louisiana Municipal Association, had harsh words for police juries across the state yesterday during the opening ession of the LMA convention here. Districtuion would. In- his keynote address, Sud duth told the LMA delegates that municipalues must have sub stantially :. He said part of the problem could be solved if the state legislature reapportioned the amount of funds given to police juries and the cities.

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Perfect Example Sudduth said the recent resolution passed by the State Police Jury Association asking the legislature to give police juries a portion of. Eight times more state aid is allocate for rural governments than for municipal governments though 70 per cent of the state's populaion lives in cities, Sudduh explained.

A panel discussion on state and federal aid programs will be featured during the second gen eral session at 10 a. England AP Caro lyn Lazarus, 22, said "'the foot-long wool scarf -she was knitting for Beatle John Lennon had been stolen but she planned to start another. She said she was a fan of Lennon's peace campaign and figured he and his wife Yoko Ono could stretch the scarf "across the no-man's land between Russia and Chi na.

Miss Kopechne was found dead in the car driven by Kennedy which went off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island into a tidal pond last summer. Lipman's counsel, Jerome P. Facher, argued the case before five members of the Supreme Court Wednesday, winning an oral order directing Clerk Edward V.

Keating in " Superior Court not to release the papers pending further order. Facher submitted a formal petition Thursday.

The times from shreveport, louisiana · 8

Lipman said h Facher, argued the case before five members of the Supreme Court Wednesday, winning an oral. Keating in Superior Court not to release the papers pending further order.

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Facher submitted a. Lipman said he went to court after Keating had told him he would not act on a letter Lip manhad sent him. The letter protested the court's plan to re nroduce the inquest transcript and the report by Edgartown restrict Court Judge James A. Lipman also said he had entered contracts with news agencies to sell them copies of the transcript with the knowledge of Boyle and Dist. Edmund Dinis. Lipman, who was paid for his work by Dukes County, claimed he had "valuable property rights" in the transcript.

Under a ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court prior to the inquest, proceedings of the investigation were to remain secret until all chance of further prosecution was ended. That condition was met Tuesday when a special session of the Dukes County grand jury, 2 Don't miss this opportunity to really save on beautiful, sheer Vision hosiery.

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