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The Basics What is a language exchange? Why do a language exchange? How to do a language exchange? up now - add your free profile! Find a language exchange partner who has:.

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Welcome Guest! up. Add to Home screen. A language exchange with a pen pal from Midland is an excellent way to make a friend from Midland, learn about its culture and improve your foreign language skills. This type of exchange is suitable for language learners of all skill levels, even beginners. Because you have a common goal to help each other learn while discussing common interests, you are likely to make meaningful friendships. Compared to live conversation, there is less pressure, because you can take your time to use a dictionary or refer to your lessons at a time of your convenience.

It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills. The Basics. What is a language exchange? Penpals Features. Members with inactive or invalid s are flagged. And If you sent a message that is returned, you will be notified. You won't waste your time waiting for a reply!

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Don't have an international keyboard? No problem - insert foreign accented characters with a simple click! Search by many criteria including age, gender, city, country and languages. Find the penpal you want quickly! Use free how-to guidelines provided by an expert in language exchange learning. Get the best learning experience from your penpal exchange! Madeleine July 6, United States.

My name is Maddie and I speak English. I have been learning French since I was young, and want to learn Spanish as well. I was born in Germany and currently live on a farm in Michigan.

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Please friend me! I would love to chat! Haya June 23, I live in midland TX. I'm looking for language excange friend.

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I'd like to talk in English better. I can teach you Korean. Rwanda Kinyarwanda.

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I am sponsoring from Rwanda through Compassion International and I would like to learn Kinyarwanda so I can communicate with my child in his native language. I hope to be able to meet my child in person someday. LeeAnna October 1, I am a very extroverted person, who loves being outside and hanging out with friends. I am athletic and enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

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Hayley April 26, Hello my name is Hayley! I am from the United States. I think I'm currently speaking at a B1 level. I love to travel and I plan on moving to Mexico so I have been attempting to learn Spanish for a few years now and have some basics down. I would like to have more practice with an individual to make sure I am pronouncing and understanding the grammar correctly. Soy Tiffany.

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Hablo un Kayla October 16, I would really like to protect the French I have already learned while living in France, need help with grammar and accent. I am 32 studying for my apply for my masters in PA, I want to work in French speaking countries int he future as well as move Nowadays, I have tons of free time. Therefore, I would like to do something productive practicing and improving my English. I am not just looking for someone to practice with.

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I am looking for a friend. Someone to have daily conversations with. Looking to meet new friends from Russia. I'm a native Texan and am interested in all things Russian. I am learning Russian but am a beginner and not at all conversational yet. I am able to use google translate.

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Sarah February 2, I am a second year university student planning to minor in Korean. I have visited Korea once and plan to study there at some point in the future. I love learni Hello, I'm Kyle!

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I'm a beginner learning Italian and would like to improve by conversing with native speakers. I'm Korean-American and I live in Texas. One day I want to live and work in Korea, but I would like to improve my Korean. I'd love to teach English and learn Korean at the same time.

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Best case scenario! Hi, I'm MJ. I live in TX. Nice to meet you. I want to learn English. And if you want to study Korean, I can help you.

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Meghan May 1, I would like to learn Spanish so that I can be fluent in more than one language. My hobbies include fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and camping. Captain December 19, I am interested in learning Korean since I enjoy K-pop. I want to learn Spanish so I can better communicate with my Ama.