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Learn more about our Privacy and Cookie policies. These can be managed also from our cookie policy. for any help on browser support. Some content on this may not display correctly. The long-term Homeless Response Plan process will be hosted and shepherded by a Community Work Group made up of 12 community members who bring a diverse set of perspectives and experiences.

Their role is to ensure that a diverse and inclusive set of perspectives and experiences are represented and fully integrated into the process and the resulting outcomes. They will do this by:. Community work group members were identified from a series of community stakeholder interviews and conversations held in December and January Learn more about each of them below.

What do you love about this community, and what are some of the ways in which you feel connected to this place? I grew up in a small town in Iowa where everyone hung out downtown and it was the center of community.

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My parents were business owners, so I feel like I have spent my whole life loving downtown life. I moved to Olympia in because I found it to be uniquely full of character, people with eclectic lifestyles, culture, state politics, and higher education opportunities, all within a small city.

I have a business in downtown Olympia, at ground zero of the homeless encampments. I can speak to the economic impact and the ways in which business revenues work to bring quality of life. I can share stories, and bring the perspective of business owners coping with the issues. A comprehensive solution for the city to approach the homelessness situation with compassion and responsibility to all concerned.

Where all parties involved respect the pathway; from community members, business owners, non-profits, police, city staff, and city council. A better understanding for what our community needs and wants for the future of our city, so that, our children's children can enjoy and experience all the things that makes Olympia Rad.

This community really welcomed me in with open arms. The attitudes of the people who live here, just so warm and friendly, make our community so easy to love. I feel attached to this area in particular because of the saturation of folks who truly want to make a difference. I want to help our City be able to respond in compassionate and empowering ways. I love that Olympia is a crossro of a lot of different worlds - State employees and Greeners; Urban and rural; Anarchists and Libertarians.

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This is a place with a lot of people who care about one another and work hard to build intentional community - and those are values I deeply share. I grew up with employment insecurity as a constant "cloud" hanging over my family, which led to housing insecurity.

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We were fortunate to stay housed during those hard years, but I feel a tremendous amount of empathy for anyone and everyone that's feeling unsure about where they'll stay the night tonight, and how they can stay safe. Those aren't worries or fears I want members of our community to experience - but that's our current reality.

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I hope participating on this committee will help contribute to long term solutions to housing insecurity. I hope that my role as a School Board Director will help center the experiences of students and families experiencing homelessness.

I'm hopeful that the series of meetings, focus groups, and listening sessions will help more members of community feel "heard", and that being mindful of the needs and feelings of others will meaningfully impact the City and County and State policy making process.

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I love having breakfast in downtown Olympia and watching the city wake up. Traffic lights changing from flashing yellow to green. People jogging, others getting coffee and then heading off to work. I do not feel the issue is simple. I feel a need to support the entire community. Those distanced and disconnected, as well as, those that feel more engaged and part of the day to day routine that support a communities success.

Better conversations with greater awareness around what works, and a hope for continued commitment by our community to make things better. Nineteen years ago, I chose Olympia as a place to build a career and family. I have fallen in love with Olympia while watching my children grow and thrive here, enjoying opportunities to work on community issues with so many caring and engaged people, and exploring our beautiful parks and trails and fun downtown.

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I have spent my career working in the fields of urban and environmental planning in communities both here and abroad. I am used to analyzing problems, listening to diverse opinions on difficult issues, and doing the hard work of finding solutions. But I have felt overwhelmed by the depth and scope of the growing problem of homelessness.

As I mother, I want to help my children understand and have compassion for those less fortunate. I also want them to be safe in every corner of this community. I am optimistic about this process, because we really have no choice but to expect that we can make things better.

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I hope to see real progress that the community can see and feel. To me, that means we move beyond fear and conflict around this issue and develop a shared understanding of who our homeless neighbors are, and what will work best to meet their diverse needs. I hope to see our parks and green spaces free of tents and trash. I hope our homeless neighbors will feel safer and have more pathways out of homelessness.

I love the water, the trees, the capital dome, and the mountains, which give me a strong connection and sense of place. Collaborative action items to address immediate problems and long terms solutions that may not be perfect, but will represent a strategic approach to making a difference for the health of our community.

I appreciate the recreational opportunities in our area with close access to the beach, Puget Sound, and the mountains. I enjoy working in a community that supports others and finds ways to serve. I have worked with youth and young adults who are at-risk for over 23 years in Thurston County.

During that time I have been involved in community development of stabilizing people in their homes, creating plans to end homelessness and services to address all target populations.

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I currently serve as the CEO of Community Youth Services which is an integrated care agency with programs across the domains of early intervention, employment and education, juvenile justice, out-of-home care, behavioral health and wellness, and shelter and housing.

Homelessness and Housing instability affects every community, jurisdiction and county.

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Housing is a human right and deserves the attention across all different sectors of our community. I appreciate time will be given to utilize cross planning on work already accomplished alongside developing new systems of care for our communities most vulnerable. I love the DIY spirit of Olympia and the feeling that we are a community with many creative and passionate people that can make anything happen if we deeply dedicate ourselves to it.

I bring a wide range of perspectives to this process. I come from a military and clergy family upbringing, I have extensive lived experience with mental health and substance use challenges both personally and within my family, I am a social worker, non-profit executive leader, musician, zine maker, dog lover, and the spouse of a small business owner in downtown Olympia.

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My biggest hope is that our community will learn a new way of communicating with each other about difficult and triggering topics that have very high stakes for everyone. As our city grows there will be more and more of these polarizing issues to wade through. What I love about the community is that there are many groups looking for ways to better serve the needs of people, like finding ways to distribute more food, housing, overall community interactions, and building a park where an ice skating rink was now skate park.

The experiences that I bring are housing my younger brother and at times my mother, who are currently still homeless. I come with an open-mind and willingness to hear what tensions or potential solutions our community expresses.

I hope to understand and listen to how we can help make sure our community's needs are met. I hope that we can work together as a community and address some of the tensions, allowing everyone to be on the same. We can work together and make a lasting impact on some immediate needs.

Also, learn how we as a community can prevent hardships that many may experience, find out root causes, and address them in a way that no voice goes unheard. When I came here on vacation in I fell in love with it, and within 30 days of that trip, I was a resident of Olympia. I truly adore this community and love to walk downtown with my son and discover new things and share my love for the community with him.

Olympia, washington white listings

I hope to bring my 9 years of working within the affordable housing industry to the table along with my personal experience and how homelessness has touched me and my family. I have 2 siblings that at one point were both experiencing homelessness. Since then one of my siblings became housed thanks to the amazing services this community has provided and the many kind-hearted people they worked with. My other sibling is still unhoused and lives in another state, their struggles continue to motivate me to engage in these conversations. I hope to help share their experience and bring awareness to the overall issues.

The olympia free clinic is a volunteer-based, (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides medical, mental health, and specialty care services to uninsured and underinsured adults at no cost to the patient. we provide accessible, high-quality health services in a caring, respectful environment, and work to connect our patients to other community resources in pursuit of improved overall health.

We are such a unique community, our solution to these problems will have to be equally unique in every sense. Housing is a human right and I believe in this community, we will figure it out as long as we all work together.

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