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Kristen Kahanek, right, and Rae-lynn Cazelot hold stacks of flyers and as they meet to plan their route to pass the flyers out along the Evangeline Thruway in hopes of finding information about their friend Jenny Sweet Monday, May 3,in Lafayette, La. Sweet was last heard from on April Kristen Kahanek holds a stack of flyers and she and others pass them out along the Evangeline Thruway in hopes of finding information about their friend Jenny Sweet Monday, May 3,in Lafayette, La.

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Ian Howard is escorted by Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Deputies to the parish prison after his hearing involving the homicide of Cpl. Michael Middlebrook on Wednesday, Oct. Police apprehended a suspect who fled from the scene on foot. While responding to a theft complaint at a grocery store Lafayette year, Lafayette Police discovered the suspect, year-old Ian Man, running frantically outside the store, reversing directions and stopping to stare at people.

Howard told officers the FBI wanted to kill him, and that white vans had been following him. Eight and finding half months later, Howard was accused of shooting two employees at a convenience store, then murdering Cpl. Michael Middlebrook, the Lafayette Police officer who responded to the shooting scene. The employees survived their wounds. When Lafayette Police Sgt. And they illustrate the challenges of crafting effective policies to accomplish that goal, something people on all sides of the gun debate say they desire. Howard, the only suspect in the Oct. He has pleaded not guilty.

The man accused of killing Lafayette Police officer Michael Middlebrook pleaded not guilty Tuesday to all charges stemming from an Oct. The certificates authorized holding Howard for 15 days of emergency inpatient treatment. What seems clear is that any additional treatment was limited to three days, and it did not prevent Howard from immediately arming himself. Nor did any law. Howard acquired two guns within three weeks of his emergency room visit. One was an AR rifle, purchased on Jan.

The man accused of killing Lafayette police officer Michael Middlebrook legally purchased two guns last year within weeks of being involuntariā€¦.

Many of the details of what exactly happened at the convenience store have not been clearly established in the court record. The lead State Police investigator, Christopher Leday, testified that Howard used the pistol to shoot the employees, and a different gun that was already in the store to shoot Middlebrook. Our prayers and deepest sympathies are with the family of Cpl.

Funeral Services for Lafayette Police Cpl. Eight months after his emergency room visit, and three weeks before Middlebrook was shot to death, Howard allegedly threatened to kill a supervisor who fired him from a south Lafayette restaurant. He warned the supervisor not to be in the parking lot at night, the police report says, and he sent similarly threatening messages to another employee. The restaurant employees did not press charges, and police left a voic for Howard instructing him to stop the threats.

The police report does not indicate any additional law enforcement response to the incident. There was no reason to seize it, Leday said, since it was not suspected of being used as part of any crime, and nothing indicated that it was illegally obtained. Gun laws aimed at disarming people, mentally ill or not, Lafayette pose imminent threats of violence are gaining steam across the United States.

The earliest versions of these laws passed in Indiana and Connecticut finding two decades ago, allowing law enforcement to remove guns after showing probable cause of imminent danger. The California law also expanded the of who can petition to include family or household members. Opponents argued this opened the door to people abusing man law during interpersonal conflicts.

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The California State Assembly recently approved a bill adding employers, school personnel and co-workers. Such laws were considered, or are still being considered, in 10 other states, including Louisiana.

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The National Rifle Association has expressed general support for red-flag laws. A proposal for a Louisiana red-flag law by state Rep. Gary Carter, D-New Orleans, floundered in the recently concluded legislative session. A second hearing of the bill was never scheduled. The committee chairman, Sherman Mack, R-Albany, applauded Carter for proposing the bill, but showed little enthusiasm for it during the April 5 committee hearing.

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Carter repeatedly tried to assure Mack that he could modify the bill to specify legal ownership, but Mack was unmoved. Carter was ed at the hearing by Victoria Coy, who was then the executive director of the Louisiana Violence Reduction Coalition. In an interview, Coy said she thought Mack was deliberately nitpicking technicalities that could have been easily addressed in amendments. We expected to debate the merits of the law. A Washington, D. That and other prohibitions are enforced via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which relies on states to report disqualifying information.

Louisiana only reports court orders for treatment to the national database, not emergency holds like the one imposed on Howard, even though both result in involuntary inpatient care. Emergency holds are far more common in Louisiana than judicial commitments.

There are typically between 1, and 2, judicial commitments annually across the state, according to the Mental Health Advocacy Service, a state agency that provides legal representation for the mentally ill. At least one large-parish coroner thinks emergency holds ought to merit consideration of eligibility for gun ownership, even if such holds are an imperfect measure for automatic disqualification.

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Scholarly research shows that a tiny percentage of people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression commit violence, but that the rate of violence among this group is still higher than others. Only 2.

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The violence rate jumps to 10 percent for people are severely mentally ill and also substance abusers, according to the study, and the rate is 0. That was one of many studies the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy drew upon in a landmark report that fueled the policy movement toward restraining and protection orders at the heart red flag laws over the last five years.

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The report warns against directly attributing risk to mental illness, since diagnosis-based gun policies are unlikely to reduce violence. Lack of anger impulse control, childhood trauma and substance abuse are more reliable indicators of violence risk than a mental health diagnosis, said Amy Barnhorst, a UC-Davis clinical professor who was a member of the consortium.

At the same time, however, the consortium recommended hospitalization-based prohibitions that are tougher than the common, judicial-based interpretation of federal regulations. Such a prohibition, effective for five years, already exists in California.

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But legal advocates for the mentally ill such as Kathy Cook, deputy general counsel for the Mental Health Advocacy Service, are concerned prohibitions like the one in California risk unfair discrimination while ignoring more threatening individuals. Short-term, involuntary hospitalizations in Louisiana are based on brief evaluations, the of which can be influenced by a variety of factors unrelated to dangerous mental illness, Cook said. The only way hospitalization-based prohibitions can be fair, Cook said, is if there are similar ones based on one-time evaluations for other groups, such as failed drug screens for substance abusers.

But, Barnhorst said, hospitalization-based prohibition has two advantages as a policy: they target a specific group for whom there is evidence of heightened risk, and they are based on trackable events. We are never going to be able to look out there and pick out exactly who is going to be violent.

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But Barnhorst noted a critical distinction: the recommendation was intended to include an evaluation by a psychiatrist, which she said is necessary to trigger the California prohibition. While Howard had unimpeded access to guns in the days after his emergency room stay, he had no access to psychiatrists during the days he was there.

The University Hospital emergency room has a deated extension for psychiatric patients, but it has no mental health professionals on staff, said Ali Sadeghi, the emergency director. He said the limited space available for psychiatric patients admitted to the University Hospital emergency room means that sometimes decisions on discharges are made based on non-medical considerations, such as whether family members are available to pick up patients. We make a judgment saying you are probably safe to go home. Law enforcement officers from across Acadiana gathered Thursday at St.

Barnabas Episcopal Church to honor their fallen comrades and to remembeā€¦. Edit Close.

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Toggle. Close 1 of 6. Michael Middlebrook. Advocate staff photo by Leslie Westbrook. Accused Lafayette cop killer Ian Howard ple not guilty. Accused Lafayette cop killer purchased AR days after being involuntarily taken to mental hospital. Photos: Funeral Services for Cpl. Top stories in Acadiana in your inbox Twice daily we'll send you the day's biggest headlines.

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