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My age: 18
Hobby: Sex Personals Looking Cyber Sex Looking A Skinny Bitch
Eyes: I’ve got clear gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sex: Female
What is my Zodiac sign: Virgo
I like to drink: Vodka
Other hobbies: Shopping
Body piercings: None

Tell us something about your favorite club and us to be put into the clubs memories archives. All this information is just for fun. When collecting the info we talked with friends, club patrons, bartenders, club owners. Many times they had completely different memories of what had happened.

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Mayfair nightclubs are some of the most coveted destinations in the country. At most clubs, the door staff are limited to a couple of butch blokes looking you aggressively up and down before eventually letting you in.

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Mayfair clubs are more akin to Israeli passport control. It begins with a patience test: how long can you stand in line before you eventually decide to Foxtrot Oscar someplace else. As the bottles grow closer to the table the sparklers light up the sharp faces of men dressed in shirts and blazers, pocket squares and all, trying their best to look unimpressed at the display.

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As the vodka goes down and their cash-filled briefcases grow ever emptier they begin to loosen up, ultimately inviting the miserable girls from earlier to their soulless table. Eventually they head home, alone, and drop Papa a text asking for more money. Granted, it must be a relentless and soul-destroying job, but the cleaners in Mayfair clubs have absolutely no chill. What you think is someone about to drop a mad twerk is actually more likely to be a cleaner throwing their bum out in despair of their night spent tending to bellends who get more money from their parents a week than they get in a year.

Would you want to clean up after these knobs?

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Everything about a Mayfair night oozes class. People wear classy dresses, drink classy vodkas and sit on classy sofas. Mayfair toilet attendants be like pic. Seemingly oblivious to the fact everyone is starting at them, these creepy clubbers swoop into unassuming groups of nineteen year old girls and offer to buy them a drink. As you walk up the stairs towards the fresh air above, you notice the eight boys who were next to you in the queue arguing with the door staff. Inevitably, one sightly famous person will walk in and you will go MAD.

Your bedroom aesthetic says it all.

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To all those — past, present and future — personally victimised by London prices, we salute you. Goldsmiths is set to become the first uni to include racial trauma as an official category in assessment mitigation.

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The biggest street party in Europe will not be taking place again due to increasing concerns about Covid Ben Foreman. Go somewhere else you tossers. London Pride cancelled for a second year Isobel Glover. UCL students demand referendum on online learning in call for more face-to-face teaching Kat Pirnak.

London Mayor requests face masks remain compulsory on public transport Lizzie Rose.


LinkedIn hustle culture is toxic and here are the reasons why Natasha Adamczyk. Why is everyone so obsessed with getting a First? Fabric bans photography and filming on dancefloor Kat Pirnak. UCL to offer financial support for international students forced to quarantine Kat Pirnak.

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These 14 Tweets sum up how we feel about Elite season four Kat Pirnak. This is why we need Pride now more than ever Maitreyi Sanadhya. Notting Hill Carnival has been cancelled for second year in a row Maitreyi Sanadhya. UCL art students organise creative protest to demand compensation for lack of studios Kat Pirnak.

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Quiz: Can you guess the old Love Islander? Lydia Venn. These Love Island couples made it official on the show, but how long did they last? Victoria Bromley. Quiz: Can you remember the backstory of these iconic Love Island memes? Hi Chloe!!

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Ranked: Who is the best footballer to ever enter the Love Island villa? Greg Barradale. The definitive ranking of all 11 Princess Fiona looks from across the Shrek films Harrison Brocklehurst. The most iconic and cringeworthy Love Island entrances of all time Victoria Bromley.

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Never forget Curtis whipping off his cap and sunglasses when he saw Arabella. Quiz: Which Gossip Girl reboot character are you really? Ishita Uppadhayay.