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The past several months have kindled new interest in baking as Americans spend more time hunkering down at home to avoid the coronavirus. Buying a pumpkin for a jack-o'-lantern is one reason to visit pumpkin patches in and around Medford, but could also be the year to make pumpkin pies from scratch. Sure, canned pumpkin will do the trick.

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That includ- RobL smith es the estima ted 90 million bushels of wheat expected to be harvested this year in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Reason for the anticipated el imination of the wheat surplus problem in the Northwest is the success of one aspect of the government's foreign aid program by which a of countries have been obtaining large ship ments of wheat. The unusually heavy market demand from abroad for Northwest wheat has had two major consequences; increasing the domestic market price for white A.

The wallets in attractive boxes are given free with each order for a gift certificate, Mr. Brainerd advised.

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In addition, the photographer will give a wallet-sized print to everyone who orders gift photographs. Depends on Congress How long this condition of higher prices and strong demand will last is uncertain, depending on how long foreign desires for wheat hold up and how long Congress may continue the foreign aid program that has made it possible.

Last July, the wheat surplus in the Northwest amounted to million bushels well over a year's production for the free. By last month it was down to 65 million bushels. Depart, ment of Agriculture experts predict it will be gone by late summer, provided all export expectations come through. The same depletion will not be true of wheat stocks elsewhere in the nation, although there has been a modest decline from the million bushels stored last July to million bushels matures of last month.

Preferred in Many Countries The reason for this contrast, officials say, is that Northwest wheat is preferred by many countries that have been buying, Medford well as being closer to their market.

We go beyond imaging.

Much of it has gone to India. Other countries in Southeast Asia have been buying white wheat in the Portland market. Last fall, USDA adopted a new approach from its former practice of selling directly to foreign buyers from government wheat stocks.

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R Because the formulation of a sound theory capable of explaining known facts often has led to extremely important scientific discoveries, it is of interest that a new theory proposes that cancer is a deficiency disease. Interest is sharpened by the fact that this theory was formulated at the same time but in-dependedently by Drs. Erf and B. Edwin E. Erf, Miller and Osgood theorized that the deficiency was in whatever substances cause new body cells to mature and take up their vital roles in body chem istry, Such substances except in one- instance, are not now known to exist.

For your coronavirus stress baking, head to a pumpkin patch near medford and make a perfect from-scratch pumpkin pie.

Free theorizers proposed that they do exist. Erf, Mill and Osgood took pernicious anemia as a' theoretical base. There was a time when it was considered a form of cancer, since it was marked by uncontrolled multiplication of immature red blood cells and as a disease it was uniformly fatal. In observance of the week, Acme Hardware is featuring reduced prices on merchandise items, including tools, do-it-your self equipment, sporting goods and lawn and garden supplies.

Free gifts will be given to all adults who enter the store, according to Tony Manno, man ager of the Medford. Then it was discovered it was a deficiency disease the dific-iency being in vitamin B12 which is the essential substance that matures red blood cells. No one need die of pernicious anemia now but matures victims must be given vitamin B12 regularly to supply their own deficiency. Plumbing, Healing Convention Planned Howl to stimulate modernization of plumbing in existing buildings will be one of the important subjects to be discussed at the annual convention of the Oregon State Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors at the Medford hotel, May 3 and 4.

Other subjects on the agenda of the convention include technological advances in the plumbing industry, public relations, labor relations, merchandising, the protection to public health provided by plumbing codes and the training of apprentices. The meeting will be attended by wholesalers and manufacturers as well as members of the Oregon State Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors.

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Civil Service commission has announced examinations for positions as boiler fireman, operating engineer and electric utility materialman. Full information and application forms may be obtained from Chester W. Silliman, U. Post office, Medford. Erf Miller and Osgood pro posed that the maturing substances of -cells could be many and varied and differ from cell-type to cell-type. They proposed that these substances could originate inside the cell or could reach the cell from the outside by way of the blood and other body fluids.

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In either case cancer would represent a disruption in supply and distribution. The causes of disruption could be many. This would explain why cancer has so many forms and appearances. Pointing of the theorizers was toward more research in the subtle chemistry, of normal cells.

This would mean a change of emphasis in cancer research which now accents the study of cancerous and other abnormal cells. I Body Chemistry Stimulated Basically cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of primitively immature u? As Erf and Miller pointed out in stating the theory in the technical journal of the American Academy of General Practice it is only necessary for one cell to become cancerous "to eventually cause the death of the organism.

This would explain how certain chemicals and excessive radiation cause cancer. Also it could explain the strange phenomena of cancer, such as the 15 cases of remission of leukemia which Erf and Miller have seen personally following broncho-pneumonia. One remission lasted nine years. According to the new theory, pneumonia stimulated body chemistry into a greater activity which produced the missing maturing substances for a time.

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Osgood proposed the theory in the technical journal of the National Cancer Institute. J vslgPk Free Gifts A Note to Parents Edwards shoes ore made by a company devoted exclusively to the production of children's footwear, i It is a quality product where fit and wear are the main considerations.

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Along with their regular shoe types, Edwards have a complete line of corrective shoes and work right along with your family doctor in th orevention' and correction of foot disorders. You can rest assured that every attention will be given to the proper fit for your children's feet as we absolutely guarantee every fit that goes out of our store.

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This had the desired matures, officials declare, of stimulating the domestic price as foreign orders came in, thereby boosting the market price above the government support price and making it unprofitable for farmers to Medford their wheat into government storage for the support price. The market price for hard white last week was about S2. Reimbursed in Two Ways Under public lawwhich officially is called the agricultural trade development and foreign assistance act ofdeated foreign countries are allowed to purchase our agricultural commodities with their own currency rather than with American dollars, which are hard to come by.

The American exporter who handles the deal is reimbursed- in two ways by the government: he is given dollars for the free currency, and he is granted a, quantity of wheat comparable invalue to the difference between the U. World wheat prices run 60 cents to 90 cents below domestic prices.

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The stimulated domestic price may have future surplus problems, however, for Northwest wheat growers seem to be desirous of cashing in on it while they can. They have not responded to the government's soil program of retiring acreage'. For the country as a whole, former wheat acreage has been cut about 20 per cent 12 million acres out of 60 million ials Say acres. Pledged io Soil Bank B u t in Washington state, wheat acreage has been reduced only 8 per cent.

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Of the 2. Oregon wheat growers have cut back 12 per cent from theacres of wheat for by puttingacres in the soil bank this year.

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Agriculture officials stress that the depletion of surplus wheat is not a permanent cure for the imbalance between production and consumption, but they are enjoying it while it lasts. Best of all, you'll like its extra credit convenience for charging your car needs "Flying A Ethyl gasoline, Veedol Motor Oil and other "Flying A" products. Just show it for tires and' batteries on our Easy Pay Plan. No waiting, no red tape, up to six months to pay. See your "Flying AH Dealer about one. It's another reason why you know Try it free.

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