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Feeling smitten and looking for something different to do with your boo?

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There are many romantic things to do in Nashville. It's a lovely city in the United Statesand here you find the best date ideas in Nashville! Nashville is a city in Tennessee with many things to do and to see. Furthermore, if you want to have a romantic time, the city is perfect!

For example, you can go on a dinner cruise or visit the romantic Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. And you can also get a wonderful view of the city or see an outdoor movie.

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So, there's definitely something for everyone's liking. I'm sure you'll love some of these date ideas in Nashville! One of the most romantic things to do in Nashville is a Downtown Nashville carriage ride. This allows you to learn more about the city while you have this romantic experience!

Date ideas nashville: 50+ romantic things to do for couples

So it's one of the best date ideas in Nashville for sure. This is a place that exists for more than 40 years.

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Here, you can find a lot of Southern types of candy that you only find at this place. When you are in Nashville together with your partner, you should go to the Belcourt Theatre for sure! What's great is that you can go here to see new releases. This is lovely if there is a movie you wanted to see with your partner!

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But you also find independent and documentary films at this movie theater. This is also great if there is a particular film you both like! It's definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Nashville. Another great thing about this place is that they have a large variety of food and drinks at this place. More than you find at other movie theaters!

8 creative nashville date ideas

For example, you find here also baked goods from the local area. What's great is that the place where you have dinner looks very historic and luxurious. This makes this experience much more romantic. Another great thing is that you can enjoy a lot of entertainment during the cruise. That's also why it belongs to the best date ideas in Nashville.

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You don't find a permanent collection at this museum. But you can see here many changing exhibitions. Exploring the changing exhibitions together with your partner is a wonderful experience! It is a great activity to learn more about the works of art here together!

You do this together with your partner.

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You lie next to each other and get massages at the same time. It is very romantic to see each other in a very relaxing way, which is great! Also, you'll be ready for further exploring the city after you went here! You find here a lot of beautiful plants and flowers that are great to see together!

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So if you like nature, it's date of the most romantic things fun do in Nashville. You find this rooftop lounge on top of the Fairfield by Marriott hotel. Going here is one of the best date ideas in Nashville! From the rooftop, you have a wonderful view of the city. Together with your partner, you can see the buildings of the city, which is Nashville At the same time, you have delicious drinks, which makes this one of the most romantic things to do in Nashville.

This is a small park from where you can get a wonderful view of the city! Being here together with your partner and looking at the city is very romantic! During this, you get locked up with your partner. Together you have to solve a mystery. Did you solve it? Then you can get out of the room. One of the best places for doing this is The Escape Game Nashville. The default option ideas with other people as well. But you can upgrade the experience to have a private experience with your partner. Another one of the most romantic things to do in Nashville is going for a romantic dinner with your partner.

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This is a fine-dining restaurant that you find in Downtown Nashville. And they serve incredible food! The food you can get here is of very high quality. And the restaurant gets inspiration from all over the world. If you want to have an amazing culinary experience together with your partner, this is a great place!

You find here a lot of stalls and shops where you can buy art, other items, and food. Browsing the stalls together with your partner is a lovely activity! You may discover something you both like a lot!

30 romantic things to do in nashville: date ideas in nashville

Also, you can have a delicious lunch at this place. This allows you to experience the local food of Nashville together. You do this art crawl with your partner. Together, you can walk from one art venue to the next, which is very romantic. You can find a lot of Instagrammable places in Nashville. There are murals, great viewpoints, and other places that are great for photography.

Also, you can take photos together at these places. For this, you'll need a tripod.

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That way, you can both appear in the same shot, which is great! At date end of this experience, you have a lot of photos to remind you of this romantic day! Fun also gives you a lot of souvenirs of your trip to Nashville, which is great as well!

This is a very historic place that played a large role in the history of country music in Nashville. In the past, you could find here the Grand Ole Opry, which is a country music concert that takes place every week. Going to a concert here, together with your partner, is one Nashville the most romantic things to do in Nashville! Another one of the best date ideas in Nashville is to do a pottery class together. This is a very fun activity to do together ideas your partner!

This is a very fun activity to do with your partner. Together you can improve your skills, which is very romantic! One of the most unique date ideas in Nashville is a helicopter tour of Downtown Nashville. Another one of the most romantic things to do in Nashville is a Nashville photo shoot! For example, you'll visit very colorful places. And you visit places with incredible murals and nature!

Date ideas nashville | 11 awesome ways to create a spark

Keep in mind that you need to mention that you want a private tour when you book a tour. Otherwise, you do this photoshoot with other people. After the photoshoot, you get the digital files of the photoshoot. This makes it possible to share your romantic photos on social media as well! Or you can print it at home! You can find this rooftop bar in the city center of Nashville and the view from there is amazing.