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International Introductions is proud to have played a small part in helping to develop many loving relationships during our eighteen years of service. The following collection from past clients are excerpts of letters courtesy of American men and Colombian women who found love together.

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You can find the Colombian woman of your dream here, Colombian Women Profiles. You are my day and my night, my moon and my sun, the king of my heart. I miss you so much that days become an eternity because my heart says that I love you. You are always on my mind all the time. I want to kiss you, to hug you. Sometimes when I lay down on my bed, I read your letters and see your pictures and I want to turn back the time.

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Remember I love you! And this love will make us strong so we can face all the problems or obstacles that may come in the future. All the things that you say in your letter are so beautiful. I pray to God expecting that all this is true. I feel a joy in my soul. I feel happiness inside of me since I met you.

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This is something hard to explain because I never felt this for someone. Every day is harder. I think about you badly. I dream about you. I want to talk with you every day I know that we are going to be together someday. This feeling is becoming stronger. I feel it and I know that you feel it too. I love you so much. People who know me notice a different glitter in my eyes. They are shinning with the glitter of love. I owe that to the most wonderful, loving and tender person that I ever met.

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Thanks for being part of my life. Thanks for who you are. You are in my heart and in my dreams. You are the touch of joy I need. I want to see you, and for that reason I put your photo on my wall to see everyday. Those times we spent together. Those moments were beautiful as a dream. I trust God they will be good seed. My love, if you are a right man, serious, intelligent, and full of qualities, our children will have a father and a mother with values and many virtues.

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All my strength to love is for you. I want to cover you with all the magic and all the poetry from the universe. I know this is just a few words, but they show my entire love for you, which is huge. Days seem endless till I get to see you again.

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When you come back to Barranquilla I will feel safe and happy in your arms. I am really happy because I found you. You are a very special man. Remember you are the love of my life. Do not forget that it is you that I love and regardless of the circumstance I am always going to love you as long as you want. I liked you immediately.

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You are handsome, my type of man, but I saved that for myself. That kiss you gave me marked my life. My feelings are going to be growing everyday. Remember I will be waiting for you.

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I very much like the idea of pleasing you and having you always on my mind. My heart is filled with hope and love for you. My feelings for you grow more and more each passing day. I hope you cherish my little heart. I place it under your special care. Do not worry about being in shape or anything.

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I love you the way you are. Just be yourself and everything will be fine! Thank you because you are making me very happy. Always yours, from the other side of the world, loving and waiting for you.

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And I have to confess that I have been waiting a long time for someone with your qualities, someone who inspires in me all the things that you make me feel, tenderness, love, and sweetness. I am with you on your lonely times. I think a lot about you all the time, although I am a little scared you will help me get over it. Honey, please dream about me, tu chica.

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My only intention is to bring happiness to your life, to provide the best I have to give. I feel very lonely, and I wish you were here day and night. Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming, and if I am, I do not want to wake up! Sweetie, I think about your return trip to Colombia all the time. I want to have you with me always.

I only want to thank you for making me so happy and knowing I can make you the happiest man in the universe. I do not want our love to end. I want it forever and ever, for the rest of eternity. This is like another life for me, a different life, a good life.

I want you to know you are not going to regret being with me. I send you all my good wishes and even though we are apart, I declare myself your personal cheerleader!!! And that meeting increases my wishes to live and progress. I know you are a man with values. I am aware that by your side I will have big changes in my life, another language, another culture, but you will be by my side and that is the only thing that matters. It is growing everyday in my heart. I also feel like I am your wife Columbia, and I wish to have a long life to share with you. Do not forget that you are always there in my mind and thoughts and I can see you in my soup.

I want to send you so many things, kisses, hugs, but also I think if I send them it is a repetition, because every day I send you the same. Today I send you something else, my looks, my caress, more and more kisses, and some other things… I hope to be soon in your arms. I dream about that moment. I love you, my beautiful. My days and nights are endless because you are not by my side. I want to give you all my caresses and feel the warmth of your body close to mine.

I want to tell you that it only took a smile from you to steal my heart. Just one look and the color of my world changed. You surprised me and love came to me. You are keeping I admire in a man, intelligent, thoughtful, good looking, funny. I think about you a lot. I can only study, work and think about you. I do it every minute and I remember everything that happened between us… I hope to see you soon and be with you. I send you a thousand kisses and man hugs. Take care, my beautiful heart.

What I want is that love you give me and that you show me everyday. Please, think about me, I am always thinking of you and I miss you a and. You are special for me. You have stolen my heart.