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There's a certain air in New Orleans that sometimes sets the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.

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Log in to an existing. Popular Off the Beaten Path 11 activities. Food Tours 12 activities. Walking Tours 77 activities. Gift Cards. Just Booked View All. New Orleans is known for being a city full of life and celebration.

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Perhaps that's why the dead never want to leave. On this tour of the haunted history of the city you'll hear disturbing tales of infamous mass murders, vampire sightings, slave torture, and more. Hear gruesome details surrounding the life of Madame LaLaurie, a wealthy socialite turned serial killer who had a knack for brutally torturing and murdering her help.

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You'll also step inside a year old haunted mansion and learn all about the spirits that roam its many rooms. us on our walking tour for historically accurate tales of local hauntings and vampire lore.

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Tours begin at 6 pm and 8 pm Nightly. French Quarter Phantoms Ghost and Vampire combo tour is about One hour and forty five minutes in length with a walking distance of just under one mile. You'll feel chills run down your spine as you embark on a paranormal adventure in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Your offbeat tour guide will share eerie facts as you go from location to location, visiting spots where ghost sightings and paranormal activity have been experienced throughout the city's history. You'll make your way to the legendary Vieux Carre, where hauntings still take place, and even grab a drink at a haunted bar.

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Police records, city archives, and professional investigations set the roadmap, piecing together an incredible haunted history and making believers out of the most serious of skeptics. Take an entertaining and informative cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking! Located in a renovated molasses warehouse built in the early s, this cooking class brings you to the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter.

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Learn the basics of Louisiana cooking from professional chefs and learn how to make classic New Orleans specialties such as gumbo, jambalaya, and pralines. Enjoy samplings of these delectable dishes accompanied by complimentary beer, iced tea and coffee, and take the recipes home with you! Food is considered one of the defining elements of Louisiana's culture, and there's no better way to experience New Orleans than to taste it!

During your New Orleans cooking demonstration class, embark on a sensory journey in the kitchen to discover Louisiana's rich tapestry of culinary influences -- French, Spanish, Native American, African and Indian -- as they blend into modern- day Cajun and Creole cuisine. Your cooking experts will demonstrate how to prepare classic New Orleans specialties such as gumbo, jambalaya and pralines, and will season them with history, trivia and tall tales. Learn the basics of Louisiana cooking and discover the array of spices used in this unique cuisine.

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Enjoy generous samplings of the demonstrated items, as well as complimentary coffee, iced tea and beer. At the end of the class, take home the recipes to show off your new skills to your friends and family! They say hunger is the best sauce, but after this class we're not so sure you'll agree. Come to the Mardi Gras School of Cooking for a special cooking class devoted to sauces! After you take a ferryboat at the foot of the famous Canal Street to the West Bank of the Mississippi, you'll begin your fun-filled day of cooking, learning and eating.

One cold sauce and three warm sauces are prepared throughout your class. You'll boil jumbo shrimp and make a Remoulade sauce to serve over the shrimp on a bed of chiffonade romaine. Next up, you'll make oven-roasted asparagus over sliced tomatoes with a hollandaise sauce, surrounded by grilled sea scallops. Also, a classic trout Meuniere shows you the four stages of butter.

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Finally, soft shell crabs, deep-fried, with a tomato and basil Beurre Blanc conclude the class. American currency is great and all -- American nickels, American dimes, American pennies Ok, we apologize for that terrible joke. Let us make it up to you with this incredible tour of New Orleans' aforementioned landmark neighborhood, not to mention the Garden District as well. You'll see some of the most historically ificant locations in the city, alongside an expert local guide who will bring to life the colorful stories and characters of New Orleans' past.

This is one tour you don't want to miss!

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Forget what you've seen on TV. On this tour you'll get a true look into Voodoo and how it has played an important role in the enchanting history of New Orleans. Your professional tour guide will take you from location to location as you learn about the history of Voodoo in the city and the madness that gripped its residents for over a century. You'll also make your way to true Voodoo altars and discover the many myths that surround the culture, receiving an educational introduction to an often misunderstood way of life.

If you've ever wondered what Voodoo is really all about, here's your chance to find out.

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New Orleans is a hot, humid and sometimes unforgiving place where in the dead of summer the air takes on the quality of a crawfish boil. It is a long, drawn out fever that seeps into the bloodstream and compels even the sweetest from small town America to do obscene things. This is the real New Orleans which does not fit neatly into the category of "American" city. It is a black water port, Caribbean and lawless; settled by thieves, prostitutes, and the other criminally disposed. It is also Catholic and pious with Roman altars trimmed in gold.

It is equally black magic, Voodoo, and the steady throb of African drums. New Orleans is sex and confession. It is sin and forgiveness. This is the place where God and the Devil shook hands so the party could go on. New Orleans is a city for the sinner and the saint.

This is a tour that takes you through the sweat soaked madness of our best and worst. Get lost with us in this strange city and explore its dark past because this is NOT your grandmother's tour.

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Ever had boudin? What about king cake, etouffee, gumbo, fried seafood boil, or cracklin'? If you said yes to all of the above, you're either a Cajun or a food critic -- BUT, have you ever had them all in one day? It's no myth that Cajun might just be most fantastic food in the world. So if you're in Lafayette, you've no excuse not to try out the best edibles the earthlings have to offer -- after all, you're about as close as you're ever gonna get to culinary heaven.

1. start the night with a cocktail at the carousel bar & lounge.

Take this tour by Cajun Food Tours to visit 6 Orleans along the way. You'll discover exactly why Lafayette has earned the recent titles of "Best U. Cajun Taste Tour W Pinhook Rd, Lafayette Take a short drive west to Cajun Country and hop aboard a spacious bus for this fun and tasty tour of Lafayette's best Cajun treats Enjoy a fun, comfortable way to travel with up to 14 passengers while seeing all of the sights through large viewing windows Stop at 6 locations to get a taste of local favorites -- you'll enjoy all kinds of Cajun originals!

Your culinary tour of New Orleans starts where it all began — the banks of the Mississippi River. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just make sure you watch the direction of the wind or else you might find yourself date in powdered, sugary goodness! Historically a place of diversity with products and people from all walks of life, today The French Market is a modern yet unique culinary space.

Do you have an affinity for the spicier side? This is the birthplace of Tabasco, after all. Learn how hundreds of years of history has shaped this recipe and how it can vary from restaurant to restaurant. No room for more?

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You can take your praline to-go and indulge when your sweet tooth kicks in. Enjoy some classy cocktails in the famous French Quarter, including the historic Sazerac and hear all about the origins of jazz before visiting a few of our favorite local jazz clubs, beer in hand. Avoid the tourist traps and visit a heady mix of famous spots, historic haunts and hidden gems with us.

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Combine aerial views of New Orleans with Champagne and chocolates, or wine and cheese on this romantic VIP sightseeing flight! The minute flight includes one full bottle of Champagne with chocolates, or a full bottle of wine and artisan cheese. If there's something that you would like to see instead, simply let the pilot know; the route is flexible and can be tailored to your preference. With a maximum of three passengers permitted, this is a great outing for couples or good friends. Board your sightseeing plane at the Flight Academy of New Orleans, sit in your window-side seat, and then take to the skies over the city's sights.

Gaze out of your window and watch the runway slip from your view as New Orleans' urban sights take center stage.