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The verdict came Friday afternoon after just a few hours of deliberations. In addition to the murders, Oneal was also found guilty of trying to kill his son, who was eight years old at the time. The jury recommendation of life in prison instead of death isn't exactly what the family of Kenyatta Barron was hoping for. She longs to be in his life and says that was taken from her.

That they suffered tremendously before dying.

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He was the victim of sexual abuse at the age of 5, he was shot and nearly died in a random drive-by shooting in And while recovering from that, the state says he was traumatized even more when his mom told him she tried to abort him. Spradley says his biological father passed down schizophrenia and delusional disorder and what he thinks happened that night is a product of his mental illness. An alternate juror who was officially dismissed Friday told reporters off-camera she would have voted for death. Even though the jury recommended life in prison, nothing is official until the judge makes it official.

That will happen July 23rd at 10 AM. The second day of the sentencing phase of the Ronnie Oneal double murder trial started with the defense calling Oneal's mother and brother to the stand. Both spoke about Oneal's childhood and talked about the sexual abuse they say he suffered when he 5-years-old.

Most of the day was spent questioning a psychologist about Oneal's mental state. His defense team is attempting to prove he suffers from delusions. Scot Machlus, a clinical and forensic psychologist, told jurors Oneal's biological father, Alonso Fritz McNair, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and "persecutory delusions. These disorders usually show up when an individual is in their late teens or early 20s," he said.

He thinks that's what happened with Oneal after interviewing him, he says he showed s of both mental illnesses and even believing the food in prison was poisoned. He had paranoid delusions that people in the jail were trying to kill him. He says mental illness can come out when you experience other trauma in your life. Aside from the sexual abuse, his family says happened to him, he was also the victim of a random drive-by shooting.

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Closing arguments will begin Friday and then the jury will get their instructions and go into deliberation. Opening statements from both the state and the defense began Wednesday morning. The state is seeking the death penalty. The state called two witnesses, the medical examiner and development expert.

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The state was trying to convey to the jury that both Kenyatta Barron and her daughter Ron'Niveya suffered greatly before they were killed. Oneal's defense team asked the medical examiner if she knew which injuries came first. They were essentially trying to convey to the jury that the two could have been knocked unconscious before certain injuries, implying they may not have suffered as much as the state said they did.

If one person votes for life in this case, the sentence is life without the possibility for parole," said Dana Herce Fulgueira, Assistant Public Defender. Carrie Lloyd expressed her grief, heartbreak and sorrow to the jury. She told them she is hanging onto memories but feels a tremendous hole in her heart after what happened to them.

The stress seems never-ending," said Daisatta Barron, Kenyatta's sister.

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She literally had a bow a day. The state rested their case after those statements and then the defense began to call folks who know Oneal attempting to convey him as an uplifting, and spiritual person who followed the Nation of Islam and regularly participated in community events with a group called Build Your Community.

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That group's goal, they say, was to keep young kids from engaging in gun violence. A few months later, his demeanor and behavior began to change. She says after the murders in she has been sending pictures and letters to him in jail. The defense also called Oneal's biological father to the stand to talk about his drug abuse, particularly cocaine. The defense also brought Oneal's mother to the stand. The Judge asked the media to not show her face. She described Oneal as being a mama's boy and that she and Oneal were very close.

The defense asked her about sexual abuse Oneal endured when he was 5-years-old.

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She confirmed a police report was made but says there's a lot of angst in the family because no one was arrested. The defense says it was family members and friends of the family that abused Oneal. His defense told jurors he was raped.

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The state plans on talking about Oneal having a mental illness they say was passed down from his father Thursday when testimony continues. Court officials confirm that Oneal III accepted attorney representation for his sentencing hearing despite representing himself throughout the trial.

Jurors found Oneal guilty on all seven counts, including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, arson and child abuse.

Guilty on all seven counts, including first-degree murder, arson, child abuse. Oneal took the unusual step of representing himself, often shouting at attorneys and the jury during the high-stakes murder trial. During his tense, hour-long closing argument, Oneal once again blamed government officials for allegedly distorting evidence, claiming they falsified a call from his girlfriend.

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After the verdict, Judge Michelle Sisco offered Oneal a compliment for his ultimately unsuccessful efforts. You speak with great passion. But she quickly issued him a warning, urging Oneal to allow an attorney to step in and represent him as the trial moves into the penalty phase.

Granville ritchie, who murdered 9-year-old tampa girl, sentenced to death by judge

I want you to give it some serious, serious consideration," the judge said. Oneal now faces the death penalty for his crimes. The penalty phase of the trial is expected to start Wednesday. Without hesitation, Tom Dirks the lead detective in the double murder case doubled down on his decision to take Ronnie Oneal into custody.

Detective Dirks was the last witness called by the state. We were told by the judge to not show the faces of two of them, a young neighbor who says he saw what happened outside that night through a bedroom window and the mother of another child Oneal fathered a few years ago. When the mother took the stand, Oneal asked her to confirm she and Kenyatta Barren were fighting a few weeks prior to the murders.

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His third witness was a Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputy who pulled dispatch records but did not review them. Throughout the entire trial, Oneal has focused heavily on cell phone records and seemed to be trying to convey that a call he made was missing. That witness was excused, and when the Judge asked if he had any other witnesses to call he said:. With a deep breath and a brief pause, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy who adopted Ronnie Oneal III's son tearfully described to jurors how his relationship with the little boy began in March 30, That was after he spent the entire day with the little boy.

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He heard he was a big football fan and was able to get him some Bucs swag. The boy's Guardian Ad Litem, a person who was ased to speak up for the little boy's best interest, asked him if he knew someone who would be willing to foster him and help take him to his medical appointments. That was the moment he decided to foster the boy. The Corporal, who was a detective at the time of the double murders did show up to the scene but testified he had never met the little boy that night. He was only tasked with securing a search warrant and transporting an inmate uniform to a fellow detective.

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No further questions," Oneal said. Earlier in the day, jurors heard testimony from Billy Smith, Ronnie Oneal's stepdad who talked about a frantic late-night call. Smith and his wife rushed to the home to find a crime scene and then rushed to Tampa General Hospital where Oneal's son was being treated for 2nd and 3rd-degree burns and stab wounds.

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A fire investigator also told jurors he smelled gasoline while examining the little boys' clothes as well as Oneal's daughter's clothes. The Judge told Oneal he needs to prepare to call his witnesses starting tomorrow. State attorney Ron Gale wasted little time getting into details toward the young boy about what happened to his mother and sister in He was just 8-years-old at the time. He told the state that he went to the back bedroom and saw his dad holding a shotgun.

Shortly after that, he saw his mom run into his sister's closet and hide. He was in the living room when he recalls Oneal telling him to come to the bedroom and help him kill his mother. But he said he couldn't remember if the gun went off while he held it.

He told the state he saw his dad kill his sister and then he said Oneal III came after him. He said his dad attempted to light him on fire but couldn't remember much more after that besides walking outside. And you said, I heard and saw it. Do you remember saying that to her? Oneal appeared to be in command of the facts and knew the points that he was trying to get across, and I feel that he did so competently.

State assistant attorneys pulled out a shotgun broken in half they said is what Ronnie Oneal III used to brutally kill Kenyatta Barron. The state said he used it to beat Barron to death.

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Prosecutors told the judge they didn't feel comfortable with Oneal handling any of the weapons in cross-examination. Earlier in the day, several first responders took the stand. He told jurors he crawled to the back of the home and found the young girl.

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Foster said his goal was to get her out and after he laid her in the front yard, he said she was unrecognizable.