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City of Trenton, NJ. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode

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Paul Barnett Public Service Director pbarnett brunswick. The City collects leaves on public streets.

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Services that are on private streets are covered by your HOA contractor. Leaf collection is scheduled by ward. The service crew starts with ward 1, then 2, then 3, then 4.

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Most years the City provides three rounds of collection. When round 1 is completed, then round 2 starts and so on.

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The leaf collection schedule is very fluid due to Mother Nature being so unpredictable. The best source for the up to date schedule is this website. The next best source is the s posted in the tree lawns leading into each ward. Look for these s to be posted a few days before collection is scheduled to begin in your ward. Keep in mind that the first round of leaf collection takes one to two days per ward.

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The second round takes four to five days per ward and the third takes two to three days per ward. When the says leaf removal on Wednesday, that means leaf collection starts the upcoming Wednesday and will make one pass through the ward. You must have your leaves on the roadway by am on the scheduled day or the day of the week on the.

If crews come by your home at am and pick up your neighbors leaves and you put them out after the crew has passed your home, the crew will not return until the next scheduled round.

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It is more time consuming to make multiple passes through the ward picking up leaves that people put out late. Remember: it may take a few days to get to your home even though the says leaf removal on a specific day of the week. If the crew is ahead of schedule it sometimes goes into the next ward to get a head start.

If that happens, the crew will come back at the posted time so that no one is missed. Workers need to avoid driving the vacuum off the roadway and rutting the lawn or getting the vacuum truck stuck. Please do not put sticks, pumpkins, shrubs or other debris in the leaves.

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This material can clog and damage the vacuum truck. If you miss leaf collection or do not want to wait for the next collection you always have the option to bag leaves and put them out with your normal trash.

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Leaf collection Service and Streets. When is leaf pickup?

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Leaf collection for has concluded. The tentative start date for is October 25th. Where is leaf pickup available? During leaf collection weeks… Leaf collection is scheduled by ward.