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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Originally Posted by Do a Barrel Roll. But outside the millennial regressive left scenes, I felt like it was pretty open in the racial aspect. Definitely much more racially liberal than where I'm from, Washington DC Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally Posted by icebrg So, I've been dancing in and out of this thread for the last few days reluctant to respond.

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To be frank, I find the whole thing quite embarrassing. See, I'm a "professional" black dude in his early 30's, from Chicago but currently live in Seattle. A lucrative job offer brought me here. My hometown's bad union deals compounded with the well documented social ills made the decision easy. Financially, its worked out great. But you simply don't move to Seattle or any place for that matter looking for love. Personal success should be first and everything else should fall in line.

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With that being said, there are some social quirks. See my 'Insights in Seattle' thread for more detail. If you have a preference for white women, it should easily work out for you.

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I'm personally an equal opportunity dater. If I find you attractive and we make each other laugh, that's usually all it takes. Naturally, I've always been more attracted to black American women. There's not a lot of them here but the ones I do find are on average very attractive.

Interracial dating gets you closer to the black woman you have been looking for!

Props Seattle! Lots of Ethiopians beautiful women btw but we're too culturally dissimilar for me to try. But to reiterate, dating should not be your primary concern. You won't have a problem if your finances are intact and the usual ingredients personality and swagger.

My experience as a black man in Seattle was somewhat different. Granted, I was just visiting for a three day weekend, nonetheless, it was overall enjoyable and welcoming when it came to black men wanting to date outside their race. I actually met a white girl while in Seattle at a cafe and we had chemistry almost immediately.

We're still in contact and talk somewhat often.

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I also met an Asian girl from Vancouver who I'm planning to visit within a month. As for other interracial couples featuring black men, the majority of black men who I saw were with non-black women and vice-versa.

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Granted one of the things that may have made it easier for me was the vibe that I give off is one of being "whitewashed". And TBH, blacks who are considered "whitewashed" might fit in better in places like the Pacific NW than most other blacks. But given my demeanor and "swag" But overall, I would assume than Vancouver beats Seattle in the IR department for black men due to the obvious reasons, lol. Originally Posted by shawnj Originally Posted by fluffydelusions. Likely BC as it's a bigger more world class city than the Wa one.

Also, it has the highest population of Americans outside of America. I'm not venturing to Washington. Done with that option. BTW if white washed is what is needed, I could get that done. But men and women being together should be the easiest thing in life Its amazing how men buff up have to make the most money JUST to have a conversation.

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The process is blown way out of proportion. Ah well I'm a regular dude, that is about his business. If it takes so much to get them imagine what it takes to keep them. I'm GOOD.

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Anyway it looks like you made the decision not to come to Seattle. It really isn't my intention to chase anyone away from the city. There are plenty of good things about the city. But I do think that many people who aren't black men especially professional black men really don't know some of the issues a black guy is likely to encounter. Personally speaking it will take you awhile to establish a city you like. Most people rarely male a single move and are happy right away. And some places appeal is more aparent once you leave them. Philly works well for me as I get to visit my mother in Atlanta easier the rest of my family in the Midwest easier as well.

Just keep an open mind. Everyone has different experiences in Seattle.

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There are some black pe9pl3 who love it there. But from my personal experiences it just wasn't the right city for me. Originally Posted by branh I don't like the term white washed.

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What does that even mean. I'm a black guy who speaks pretty proper and I'm not up on most of the slang. But that has to do with my reading habits as a kid more so than me being white waahed. I do think there are some black people who do try to act a certain way just to be accepted in certain circles.

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And it's pretty obvious when they're not really that way. My girlfriends best friend recently got married to a white guy. Born in the hood of South Philly and acts out all the time like she's the whitest Valley girl on the planet.

Kind of annoying but I keep thinking my mouth shut. There is a balance between white washed and ghetto. Anyway, I'll just leave you with this final word, and I'll leave you alone. Don't let the "dating" be the reason why you move to a certain city.

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The dating will take care of itself. When people ask "what is the best city for dating for a single black male" I'll say "none" and "all of them".

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The thing is, it doesn't matter where you move to, because while dating is important, it's not the only part of your life. The first priority should always be to get established well first, and trust me the dating prospects will come to you. When I lived in Seattle, it was a wake up call for me, and how much my overall game needed to improve.

See in Atlanta, I could get women based soley on the fact that I'm a black male with a decent career. But in Seattle that advantage pretty much disappeared Vancouver women in Seattle aren't seeking out black men like they are in Atlanta. But it also made me realize how much better my career black be than where it was.

Seattle put me next to some very strong people in my field, and that made me really want to step up my game. Dating also gave the the confidence to take a pay cut yeah you read it right and move to California. In California I almost never focused on dating. It wa all about getting my career in order, getting my skill level where it needed to be, and trying to establish myself professionally.

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And I did very good in California, but I decided to leave for Philly because I missed living in cities, and I missed a more "down to earth" city. When I met my girl I wasn't even really trying to date anyone.

I was plain and simple, at the tip top of my game at that time. I was taking on difficult problems at my job, and I was pulling in money.

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I was so focused that I barely even thought about my girl when I met her. So in short, it doesn't matter where you move. The women will come for you. If you find it hard to date, it's probably an issue with you not them. I spent years blaming women for my women problems, but my mindset was all wrong.

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Seattle is secondary to your mindset. As much as I didn't like Seattle, I would move back there no issues. Because I know I have the right mindset to make thing work out for me no matter where I go. So as a black man, it's best to remember that.