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Browse all maps. Search Map Collection. The Historic Buildings of Ann Arbor collection includes over images and historical information on houses, churches, commercial, and other local buildings in Ann Arbor. Corselius collection, and undated, Bentley Historical Library. Browse Historic Buildings Images. Search Historic Buildings Images. The Ann Arbor Postcard collection consists of over images of area postcards from to the present. Browse Postcards. Search Postcards.

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Allen published by the Bentley Historical Library in In that book, Dr. In Michigan Territory, arbour seemed appropriate to describe the setting of sunshine and shadow produced by the scattered oaks in the 'opening. Recorded officially for the first time in a plat map of the village on May 25,the name was written 'Annarbour,' but thereafter it appeared as two words.

The Allens insisted throughout their lives, however, on the pre-Webster spelling of arbor. Some writers on the naming of Ann Arbor suggested that it was named for both of the wives of the founders, Ann Allen and Mary Ann Rumsey. Rumsey was generally called Ann, although her full name was Mary Ann. In the book, Russell Bidlack notes in passing, "Rumsey's wife had the middle name Ann, but she was not called by that name.

Most earlier versions credit both wives and even suggest that Mary Ann Rumsey was more involved since she was present at the time and Ann Allen did not arrive until five months later.

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The version of the naming given by O. Both Allen and Rumsey had spent some time in making this arbor more beautiful and for a time it had been their home. Rumsey was wont to sew in this arbor and to wash clothes in a huge iron cauldron nearby.

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One day, perhaps soon after the survey was made, when John Allen was searching for a name for his town, he approached the arbor where Mrs. Rumsey was sitting and, lifting his hat, remarked with a smile, 'My! What a restful place you have here; what do you call it? Rumsey resplied, 'This is Ann's Arbor; don't you think that is a good name for the place?

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Rumsey had lately surveyed. He saw in the name a way of honoring Mrs. Rumsey and his own wife, and rushed off to find Mr. Rumsey to solicit his opinion.

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Rumsey was struck with the name and the two men decided none could be better. It was duly recorded on their plat, therefore, and so it appeared May 25 when the plat was recorded in Detroit. Wystan Stevens, in his charming brochure, The Naming of Ann Arbor underwritten by the Ann Arbor Bankaddressed this particular conception of the arbor portion of the name:.

A persistent myth would persuade us that their wives, both named Ann, were a leisured pair who whiled away the warm afternoons sewing and exchanging gossip in the shade of a wild grape arbor built for them by indulgent husbands. But Allen and the Rumseys arrived in February, and we know that the name 'Ann Arbor' had already had been chosen by May 25, only three months later, when it was recorded at the office of the Register of Deeds in Detroit.

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Nor was there much yet to gossip about. The husbands were too busy surveying their village and selling lots to spend time building anything frivolous. Grapes weren't yet in season. In another passage in his book, Dr. Bidlack says Ann Arbor's first historian, Mary Clark, writing incorrectly explained the choice of arbor:.

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The Governor's choice became standard, except for the gradual acceptance of Noah Webster's 'American' spelling of arbor, i. Cities of the United States Gale Research, 3rd. Of these various versions, the documentary evidence supports Dr. Bidlack's explanation of how John Allen chose the name Ann Arbor.

Ownership of this area of the then young United States included land bordering the Great Lakes.

The ownership and use of this land was a continuing source of friction between the British and their Native American allies and the U. The war of between Great Britain and the U. Masonry - Refers to the largest secret society in the world, formally known as the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Authority is divided among many national organizations around the world called "grand lodges. Despite its popularity, the organization remains a controversial among some religions and governments. The name "Mason" comes from "stonemason," a person who is skilled in building structures such as a cathedral made out of stone.

Membership is no longer limited to stonemasons. Masonry as a secret order dates back to 14th century England and Scotland. Fort Sumter - This U. After seceding from the U. BySouth Carolina ed the new Confederate States of America, which was made up of 11 southern states. On April 12,Confederate forces fired cannon on Fort Sumter, which the Federal government refused to give to the Confederates.

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The two-day battle over Fort Sumter was the first violent act of war between the United States and the Confederate States, a conflict which came to be known as the Civil War. Confectionery - A store that sells candy or pastry. Abolitionist - A person who does not believe in slavery and wants to abolish or destroy it completely.

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Booming - When the members of the Businessmen's Association of Ann Arbor said the purpose of the taxes were for "booming the city," they wanted to use the tax money to publicize the good points about Ann Arbor and to attract more businesses to the city. This is also called "boosterism," meaning an attempt to cause rapid settlement and growth of a city or town.

Alderman - "Alderman" is a word that we have borrowed from the English and Irish. In this country, an alderman is part of a city's legislative body.

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We now call this our City Council and its members are called councilmen and councilwomen. Macademized - "Macademized" refers to a type of road construction where workers crush small broken stones into a compact mass and then use cement or asphalt to bring the stones together tightly so the stones will stick together.

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The result is a smooth, protective surface on the road. These kinds of ro replaced dirt ro or sometimes ro made out of wooden planks. Prohibition - The word "prohibition" here refers to a movement to prohibit the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages for example, beer, wine, whiskey and other liquor.

In the late 19th century, political parties like the Anti-Saloon League and the Prohibition Party promoted legislation and constitutional changes to stop the production of drinks made from alcohol. They finally succeeded in when the states approved the 18th Amendment to the U. Constitution, which officially forbid or "prohibited" the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcoholic drinks. The 18th Amendment was repealed or "overturned" in when the states approved the 21st Amendment to the U. Temperance - Unlike those who believed in the total prohibition of alcoholic drinks, there were others who believed in the moderate use of alcohol.

These people belonged to the "temperance" movement. They even recommended wine and beer as replacements for hard liquor.

The temperance movement in the United States began in the late 19th century but by the Civil War many leaders of the temperance movement backed total prohibition of alcohol. Milling - This is a business that grinds grain, such as wheat, into flour. The Ann Arbor area had many mills in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Cooperage - A "cooper" is a person who makes or repairs wooden barrels, casks, or tubs. The "cooperage" is the cooper's place of business.

Liveries - A "livery" is a place to feed, stable, and care for horses, and sometimes it is a place that rents horses out to customers for short periods of time. Because of the popularity of the automobile in the early 20th century, by Ann Arbor had no more liveries.

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Vaudeville - This was a type of stage entertainment in a theater. A "vaudeville" show would include many different and unrelated acts by singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, and actors. Vaudeville shows were replaced by movies as the most popular form of entertainment. Polyscope - This was an early optical device used to show motion pictures or what we now call movies. One of the largest of the companies using this device was the Selig Polyscope Co. Kinetoscope - The "kinetoscope" was a device for watching moving pictures. InThomas Alva Edison and his staff developed and marketed the kinetoscope, which became very popular in penny arcades.