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The story focuses on the will given to the widow Hathaway when she departs his funeral. Stith, who worked closely with Ferguson, clearly achieved his stated vision for Anne to bridge the journey between humor and pain. Ferguson, of course, should take a long bow, as she did not once — upon receiving a standing ovation at the end of the minute show — but twice, when the packed house refused to let the evening end without a well-deserved curtain call. But if this was your first time seeing Ferguson on stage, you would have been wowed, without a doubt. Ferguson made us laugh, made us chuckle, gave us goose bumps as well as misty eyes throughout her sometimes dazzling, sometimes somber, but ever-tireless and mellifluous delivery. One-actor plays are difficult enough as is, just by their nature, but Ferguson filled the theater with so much raw emotion that no plaudit, no review, no standing ovation on that night could do her justice.

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President Biden is in Wilmington, Del. In fact, he has spent twice as many weekends at his home there as in the White House.

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Sometime next week, he is expected to start a summer vacation in — where else? For Biden the draw of Delaware — the need to be there with his family, in his home — runs deep. Biden is far from the only president to spend time away from the White House, but so far, he's spending fewer weekends there than the two men who held the office just before him.

Of the first 29 weekends of his presidency, Biden spent just six at the White House. He was in Wilmington, Del. He spent one weekend in Europe at the Group of 7 summit. Biden's downtime puts him just behind George W. Bush, who at this point in his presidency had spent 79 days away, mostly at his Crawford, Texas, ranch, where he cleared brush when he wasn't holding meetings. The statistics in this story come from Mark Knoller, a veteran White House correspondent known for his meticulous documentation of presidential movements and trivia.

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Over the whole of his presidency, Bush spent a total of more than a year at his ranch, Knoller said. Ronald Reagan spent more than a year's worth of time at Camp David and nearly a full year at his ranch in California, where he enjoyed riding horses. For Biden, Delaware is home. He has said he struggles with the formality of the White House, where people are always around. But it's more than just comfort.

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After Biden's daughter and wife were killed in a car accident inthen-Sen. Biden rode the train home to Delaware every single night to be with his sons. I don't know what the is — some incredible of trips back and forth with him," said Kaufman with a laugh.

When they traveled together, Biden would leaf through architectural magazines, sketching out ideas on a pad of paper for his dream home in Wilmington, Kaufman said.

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Biden spent years planning and deing the house, right down to the doorknobs, Kaufman said. One time, the train broke down about 15 miles outside of Wilmington. Biden doesn't need to hitchhike anymore. When in Wilmington, he mostly stays at home, though he sometimes leaves to attend Catholic Mass or to play golf.

When in Delaware, Biden's grandchildren often visit and there are family meals. Kaufman said this is important time, keeping the president centered.

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The presidential vacation, ensuing minor controversy and administration insistence that it isn't really a vacation, is something of a summer tradition. Knoller remembers being in California with Reagan when an American aircraft was shot down and the president had to make a hasty return to Washington.

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But it's really just a change of venue. He held a news conference and then golfed, sparking heated criticism. Donald Trump was at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida in when he ordered an airstrike on Syria, later recalling that he had been eating "the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake" with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the time.

Trump was at his Bedminster golf resort in New Jersey when white supremacist protesters descended on Charlottesville, Va. What made Trump's downtime different was the type of destination. He spent his vacation at commercial properties he owned, where there were paying customers. The government paid his family's company for rooms and golf cart rentals for Secret Service agents.

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He was often defensive about his time away from the White House, refusing to admit that he was relaxing. So I'll be doing a lot of work.

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Criticism of presidential vacations is almost as old as the republic itself, dating back to John Adams, who took lengthy trips to his farm in Massachusetts, says Brendan Doherty, a political science professor at the U. Naval Academy. Of course, communications technology has improved ificantly since then. They just get a change of scenery. President Biden rides his bike in Rehoboth Beach, Del. The family has a beach house nearby. Trump's destinations: his commercial properties What made Trump's downtime different was the type of destination.

Doherty says says being president is a high-stress job that never really stops.

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